Faith, Freedom

Freedom: My Heart’s Cry

2002: we made it home with our new baby boy

It was a snowy day in February 2002 when i strapped my first born boy into his carseat and we drove away from the hospital.

We were keenly aware of the dangers that faced us along the road. This little life, tiny life, that now made our “you and me” into a “we” changed everything. And he continues to…along with his two younger brothers.Launching a blog is watermarked in similar ways. Personal thoughts, beliefs, struggles, and joys are strapped with buckles of vulnerability and driven away into the blogosphere. Scarey. Exciting.  Full of possiblity.

That’s why I’m glad we have each other. I dare say we might be dealing with the same struggles, insecurities, longings, joys, possibilities as we live out our roles as  wives, mothers, teachers, workers, friends, sisters, daughters.

My mission here is freedom: to live a purposeful life with unbridled joy and freshness. My freedom. Your freedom from insecurities, worries, fears, guilt, assumptions, performance. Let’s lift back the curtains of our own expectations and just be all that we are to be. All that we were created to be. Let’s fulfill our created purpose.

We find these things in Jesus.  In Him, I find who i am. In Him, I grow into my full potential. In Him, my longings are satisfied. In Him, my heart is calibrated to what is true. I love Him.

So, I look forward to our honest conversations. Let’s speak out those things that may be ugly, imperfect, and dark.  Let’s be brave and expose them for what they are – not truth.

Then as we turn to the truth of Jesus, our hearts will be rewired and can reach our full potential. I. can’t. wait.