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Identity in Jesus

headerlongTAGlineWHO ARE YOU…really?  No, really? With a make-up-less face, in lounge pants, with bad breath?

WHO ARE YOU in those angry and impatient moments, when you fail to meet someone’s expectations, when you back up into a car in your church’s parking lot?

WHO ARE YOU…when your house is a mess, your kids are a mess, your hair is a mess?

True, the question is a bit cliche. Nonetheless, the answer to this fundamental inquiry can change your life.  It is oh-so-easy to live under a mistaken identity- not fully and truly defined by who God says you are.

For the next 31 days, we will meander through the pages of the Bible, uncover our true identify, and open up the doorway to freedom and your full potential.

We will investigate the mistaken identities assumed by people in the Bible.

We will gather evidence of who we really are in Jesus.

My hope for me and for you is to shed the mustache of mistaken identity and assume our rightful place as beloved and adored and made with a purpose.

This post is Day One of a 31 day series on Mistaken Identity. You will find links below to the days as they follow…

Day 2: The Starting Place

Day 3: A Moment to Gaze

Day 4: Notebook Paper Love

Day 5: Lesson from a Horse Trailer

Day 6: Mini Messengers of Beauty

Day 7: Tea Party Niceties

Day 8: In the Moment of a Bouncy Bowhead

Day 9: I’m scared of Target!


Day 11:How To REMAIN in Your # of onebigtruth

Day 12: A Wedding Nightmare

Day 13: Whitney Houston and Me

Day 14: I’m That Crazy Baseball Mom

Day 15: The Sparkle of the “Bling-Bling”

Day 16: The Best Baby Lullaby

Day 17: How to be a Southerner on Snow Skies

Day 18: My Identity Expose’

Day 19: Turn Down the Volume on Approval

Day 20: Perceptions Can Be Ugly Liars

Day 21: The Size of My Pile Quantifies My Value

Day 22: Living in the Land of “If Onlys”

Day 23: The Distracting To-Do List of a Do-er

Day 24: Breaking Through The Heavy Cloak of Hopelessness

Day 25: The Churning Ache of Unmet Longings

Day 26: Truth to Get You Through The Weekend

Day 27: Strengthened by Grace

Day 28: The Gnarly Fingers of Shame

Day 29: Sobbing Tears of an Unfair Life

Day 30: Surviving Life when Bad Things Happen

Day 31: Happily Ever After…Lean into the Burn

24 thoughts on “Identity in Jesus

  1. I am so stinkin’ excited about you writing AND me getting to glean from your scribbles! I am praying for you as you move forward in the obedience of sharing your heart and His truth! Love you and love this!!

  2. Girl!! So excited about this!!! praying for each stroke of the pen!!! God is faithful and I am praying thousands will read!!!xoxoxoxoxo

  3. I am SO excited about this! My most favorite thing is that I can totally start a vocabulary list of all of the awesome words that you will be using 🙂 I can’t wait to not only read your God-led, heartfelt, posts of truth BUT to also increase my use of the English language and giggle about it 🙂 tee hee! Prayers + hugs to you friend! xoxo! LaLa

  4. Is there a way to subscribe so your blog just shows up for me- I’m so tech challenged that I’m not sure I could find my way back to read more of your de-liss-ous-ness!

    1. Hi Jenny! This has been a massive learning curve for me too. On the right side of the post you will see a “subscribe” box. I think all you do is put your email address in there and submit. It should then send you an email when a post is added. Let me know if it doesn’t work. Thrilled to link arms with you on this journey.

  5. Thrilled to see the truth God has in your Heart come to life in written form. I know I will be blessed by your words. Somedays you will post through laughter, & other days through tears, but it will all be the woven threads God has walked you through and that you are living! Love you Amy

  6. Amy, love journeying with you. May Jesus lead you every step of the way and continuously inspire your writing.

    1. Connie- i attribute it to my novice ways…so sorry. i’m working on the issue and will get my subscription button working in a jiffy! excited that you will walk along with me : )

    2. Connie, I think I got it working. I’ll plug in your email and let me know if you get a confirmation link! Thx!

    1. i miss you girl! so glad we can continue to splash around in God’s truth in the blogosphere : )

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