Welcome: My Open Door

DSC_0054On a fall-ish day, I’d love to have you over for coffee.  I’d open my large, black, wreathless front door and welcome you in with a smile and a hug.  As you entered, you would see the real me- this and that which would collectively tell you who I truly am.  You may notice an 8-foot putting green sprawled out along the dining room floor. A gift to my middle son for his 9th birthday.  In the corner you would spy a shiny plastic mound of clothes and other items to be donated to Good Will.  And behind the dining table, another pile of lovelies is tucked with its future resting at the local consignment store.  And please don’t miss my updated, DIY turquoise chandelier that makes my little heart tippity tap.DSC_0046

I would usher you through to the kitchen with the sparkly “ubba tuba” granite countertops and there in the sink would be the breakfast dishes: turkey bacon pan, scrambled eggs skillet, a collection of cereal bowls, and multiple little juice glasses with remnants of low carb grape juice and orange juice. The crumb-filled kitchen table supports the load of middle school binders, notebooks, and projects to be completed left for now by our oldest son.

My little one would emerge squealing from his playroom curious as to who has arrived to play with him! As you gazed into one of my most favorite rooms in the house, you would see miniature soldiers, match box cars, plastic food, large bulldozers, and colorful hardened play dough pieces scattered across the wood floor.  You’d come to realize that only boy toys occupy this space. It’s true: I am the pink representative in a house full of blue!

You wouldn’t be the first one to comment on our rather over-sized TV. Honestly, we love our TV. We have “our shows.”  And during the off season, Netflix is our indulgence! Each night, my homemaker self is cut off and for 1 ½ hours I carry no responsibility but to breathe and enjoy. My husband and I covet our time after all 3 boys are all in bed to reconnect, recharge, and be entertained.

With mugs of steaming Keurig coffee with heavy cream in hand, we’d curl up on the couch, listening to the squeals of the little one, and dive into matters of your heart.

Photo Credit: Shereen M via Compfight cc

In this virtual space, come on over, crash on my cyber couch so we can frolic in conversation of life, faith, and truth.

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