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Day 2: The starting place


A sturdy, solid chair holds my frame. Although I sense familiarity, I am captivated by a new layer of focus. The setting rings in my mind something I’ve taken in before and my focus chips away at what I had expected to see.

Bit by bit, my eyes scan the room. The window. The drapes suspended 1 inch from the floor. The spider’s habitat sprawled across the corner, connecting adjacent walls. A dirty fingerprint slashed across the shiny white doorframe.

SHE catches my eye. Furrowed brow. Worried eyes. A mouth pursed as it broadcasts the struggles and strains she may bear under the weight of her world. Activity orbits around her with the busy reality of her day-to-day.

She offers a smile but it only creeps 1/2 way along her pale face, never dancing with her eyes in happy union.

I’m curious. What is so troubling her? What challenge or loss or obstacle is heavy in her thoughts? Like a lifting of a veil, I begin to recognize familiar traits- the petite chin. The long nose with a slight bump rising midway. The round, blue eyes. They all seem so familiar.

With a jolt, I notice now she is staring back at me. Light is thrown spontaneously from the window and caught in the reflection of the…mirror. And it all. makes. sense.

SHE is me.

The starting place.

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