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Day 3: A Moment to Gaze


 identity  /īˈdentitē/ : the fact of being who or what a person is

The starting place to embrace the truth of who you are resides within the beautiful face of your reflection. Yes, beautiful. Yes, you.

True, we may never have a face-to-face. But, I don’t have to see you to know the truth about you. You are beautiful… valuable… accepted… treasured… prized… loved… honored… esteemed… noticed… favored.  That is your identity, the meaning of who you are. The fact. The truth.


The truth of my identity isn’t established from what others say about me, what I think of myself, or what I perceive others are thinking of me. My identity is not built on what I accomplish or achieve or how well my children behave (or don’t behave). The truth of who I am doesn’t depend on the size of my house, the size of my jeans, or the size of my personality.

The truth of my identity is only found in God. Period. His truth is THE truth because He is truth.

The truth of my identity has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with God. And His LOVE for me is the answer to every question I may ask, to every worry I stew on, and to every insecurity I wear.

He desires to weave a truth-filled identity deep within the fabric of our souls.

Today, will you take ONE minute (yes, I’m going to set a timer) to gaze in the mirror at your reflection? What do you see?

Be honest.  Be brave.  Be open.

It’s the starting place.


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5 thoughts on “Day 3: A Moment to Gaze

  1. Amy I am in love with your blog already! Keep going! Lives to be changed ans souls to be awakened by His Truths that you are feeding us!

    1. yay! loved running into you at church today. excited about your upcoming opportunities to invest in others!

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