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Day 4: Notebook Paper Love

love note on notebook paper

The early morning light is thrown from the classroom window cascading onto the desk, chair, #2 pencil on the floor, and a spitwad that didn’t quite make it to the target. The little girl waits, blonde pigtails bouncing with anxiety. She waits.

She waits to discover IF…he loves her.

Oh so 007-ish, she released her heart on a wide-ruled, three-hole punched note through a friend of a friend of a friend. The special delivery found its way to the boy that holds all of who she is in his response. In one little check mark, she will know if she is loveable, worthy, picked. She waits with excitement. She waits not knowing. She waits with a jitterbug dancing in her heart.

Crisp within my memory is this scene. I was in 5th grade, waiting for the verdict to the questions in my heart:

Am I valuable?

Am I loveable?

Will he pick me?

The answer was of vital importance. It would tell me who I was.

My heart still houses this longing to be loved, to be told I am loved, to be validated by another. My husband. My friends. My children. My neighbor. My mother. Wrapped and tangled in the palm of my hand is this question of identity waiting to be affirmed, validated, and answered.

But the truth. The truth of who I am resides in the One who created me. God. He loves me. I am loved. And knowing me completely, ugly and all, He loves me still.

Just as this little girl was waiting for a note of response, a note of true love, a note that would tell her who she is, God has written a love note just to you. Pages upon pages of how much He loves you in His book, the Bible.

Paul pens a beautiful and bumperstickery truth in 1 Corinthians 15:10:

I am what I am by God’s love and favor over me.

A box from Him is checked “YES” in your heart for all of eternity. No need to be mistaken any longer of your true identity.

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4 thoughts on “Day 4: Notebook Paper Love

  1. Love these words of truth. Amazing how at 38 I find myself trying to fill my longings with something other than Him…Thank you for these words and sweet reminder!

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