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Day 7: Tea Party Niceties


The smells of a tomato-y spaghetti dinner bubble up from our kitchen. In the playroom, the four of us sit like little ladies in our matching dresses and tiny white gloves. The brown table stained with paint spills and crayon marks is round and just the right size to hold my 3 year old sister, my 7 year old self, and our two beloved baby dolls. Best manners are required as we sip on our steaming hot imaginary tea saying “thank you” and “yes, please.”  We exchange glances with a twinkle and a giggle silently agreeing that this is just so. much. fun.

pink sisters
My sister, Sarah (left), and I (right) in our matching pink dresses. I’m sure our baby dolls were in the station wagon behind us.

I love and respect my grown-up, beautiful, courageous, gracious sister. But sisterhood can be tricky. Tricky yet incredibly important in the way you see yourself, in the way you craft your identity.  Let’s crack open the pages of history and peer into the lives of two sisters, Leah and Rachel.

“Now Laban had two daughters, the name of the older was Leah, and the name of the younger was Rachel. 

Leah had weak [delicate] eyes, but Rachel was lovely in form, and beautiful.” Genesis 29:16-17 NIV

To embrace the truth of who you are, remember:

1. What makes you different makes you beautiful.

Weak eyes verses a beautiful form.  Hmmmm. If given a choice, I know which one I’d stand in line for! But just as Leah didn’t have a choice in her weak eyes, you didn’t have a vote on your big nose. Appreciate its uniqueness. Accept the gift. It was lovingly crafted just for you and me.

Instead of saying, “I wish I had…” say “God, I’m thankful I do have…”

2. Comparison is not a good friend to tell you who you really are.

It never ends well when we compare. We waste energy wishing for what we don’t have.

Instead of saying, “But she…” say “But God… thank you.”

Gratefulness is powerful.  Be your polite-little-tea-party self and say “thank you” to the Creator who masterfully and lovingly crafted you with a specific purpose in mind.

Who I am is not how I look. Who I am is exactly how God made me to be. Beautiful.


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