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Day 9: I’m scared of Target!

little boy shoe

His tiny little name brand shoes fit in the palm of my hand. Blue with a splash of green and lined with a silvery glow.

Love the little boy feet that fill them.

Many days, getting those darling little boy feet into those darling shoes is not so darling. Screams. Squirms. Resistance from him. Growls. Grunts. Frustration from me. Just… darling. Ugh.

Only yesterday, we were engaged in another not-so-darling struggle. I told him that we were heading out to Target. He loves the big red balls in front and the icy blue slurpee goodness that awaits inside.  But for a reason only he knows and will never remember, he brought his little pudgy, dimpled hand up to his heart and said, “I sdar-ed of Dar-det.”

blue eyed boy

Seriously, scared of Target? The clean, bright, wide open store where you can pay less and expect more? Crazy, two-year old little boy.

Instinctually, a response rolled out of my mouth but bounced around in my heart like an echo in the Grand Canyon.

“Oh buddy, don’t worry. Mommy will be with you. You don’t need to be scared.”

He smiled with comfort, received a smoochie kiss, and out the door we went.

In the presence of his fear, my nearly non-thinking response was to reassure him of my presence. When he is with me, he is always protected, regarded, and loved.

In the same way, God responds to you and me with:

“Do not fear, for I AM with you.

Do not be dismayed, for I AM your God.

I will strengthen you and help you and hold you tight.”

Isaiah 41:10

In the face of fear, God reassures you with His presence. Lean in bit tighter, friend.  And even in your pain, He is with you.

Our oldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes this summer.  Hard. Fear-filled. Painful. I wanted answers and projections and assurances.  But there just aren’t any.  Every day, we are reminded of the disease and the brokenness. But in the midst, I hear the truth of my Father whisper lovingly in my heart, “Do not fear. I am with you.”

In His presence, my identity is safe and secure.

No matter what may come or what I may face, I am not alone.

Do not be mistaken, my sweet friend. Hear His whisper in your heart today: I am with you. I am with you. I am with you.

What things in your life are fear-filled or pain-filled? 

In what ways has God’s presence comforted you? I would love to hear.

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8 thoughts on “Day 9: I’m scared of Target!

  1. How we love that darling boy!
    What a sweet and powerful truth today. As we go to doctors appointments, Jesus is whispering, “have no fear. I am with u. I love u. I am sufficient for each moment of your day.”
    Loving you, mom

  2. This was beautiful! God was reminding me of this same truth Sunday…as I sat in church I noticed a sweet mom holding her little girl….and the little girl just gazed back lovingly at the mom with such a sense of comfort, love, security and peace. The mom was rocking the child as they were dancing and praising the Lord and the Lord reminded me that just as the mom was holding the child, God so longs to hold, dance and love all of His children….but unlike the little girl that I saw, so many of God’s children do not let Him hold them (for whatever reason–don’t know how, scared too….)and miss out on the blessing of peace, security, comfort and love that you feel when you are in our Father’s arms. Beautiful devotional Amy!!

    1. Pamela and I have claimed that promise as never before these past 10 months with Zachary.
      “He is near to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit”.
      I am enjoying your writing…
      Love and grace to you and your family.
      Clif Cummings

      1. Thanks Clif. Much of my bible-loving comes from those years in high school and college when you two poured into me. Thank you thank you…
        praying for you guys and love you!

  3. Oh Amy. Love this. I am fear-filled mostly these days about getting this whole parenting thing “right”. So many times I just forge ahead in my own power – striving for perfection from me and my children. I find myself looking for answers, assuming blame, swallowing guilt…all in desperation to raise children that love the Lord and want to serve Him. When I am able to step back and accept His sweet presence and grace He shows me my struggle is in vain and that only He is My safe place, my answer, my ALL. When I look to HIm – He shows me that raising my children to love Him requires a parent that looks to HIM and not one that frantically clambers for order and rightness. He is ALWAYS faithful in giving me the comfort and guidance I desire in this journey of raising my boys – when I seek Him.

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