Day 10: #onebigtruth

Today, I’m thrilled to be linking up with Courtey Defeo for #ONEBIGTRUTH and getting visual about my identity. Click here to learn more and join me! My personal before/after is at the end of this post.

ONE BIG TRUTH can change your life. Peer in with me as we pull back the curtain on the life of Mephibosheth.

Broken. Hopeless. Dependent.  With his crippled feet and despondent spirit, Mephibosheth was carried into the presence of King David. Shaking with the uncertainty of the king’s intent, Mephibosheth fell on his face in submission and fear. With panted breath and trembling, his memories drifted back to the tragic events of his life that led him to this moment:

  • He lost his future due to his grandfather’s disobedience.
  • He lost his family (both his father and grandfather) in battle.
  • He lost his independence and was crippled in both feet. Fleeing from the palace, his nurse dropped him when she fell.
  • He lost honor and lived unnoticed in Lo Debar under the care of provision of another.

puzzle piece

His life was riddled with disappointment and tragic loss. He was broken… before his encounter with this ONE BIG TRUTH:

God loves and restores the broken.

In that moment with his face to the floor, the kind and generous words of the king offered hope to his hopelessness. The king who had made a promise and intended to keep it.

Recoiling in disbelief, Mephibosheth spewed out disgust for his very existence by saying, “What is your servant that you should notice a dead dog [garbage] like me?”

In strength and faithfulness, King David lovingly lifts the crippled and defeated man and restores honor, provision, and position to all that he had lost.


After…loved and restored.

puzzle piece

In gaped amazement, Mephibosheth hears one word…always

– story from 1 Samuel 15, 2 Samuel 4:4, 9

ONE BIG TRUTH changed his life.

ONE BIG TRUTH has changed my life. I can be secure in the always truth of who I am- my true identity.


 ONE BIG TRUTH can changed your life too.

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10 thoughts on “Day 10: #onebigtruth

  1. Well, goodness gracious. Now I’m crying. You are an amazing woman who has encouraged so many. But we all struggle with our own labels and identity. Thank you for sharing this truth and for sharing the story of Mephibosheth with us!

    1. Thank you Courtney. I’m just beginning to find my voice through the written word. It’s such fun! Love this blogging world and the sweet people around. What a great megaphone to shout out the truth of God and life change that comes with Him!! A joy to connect with you! Thank you!!

    1. Natasha- how much fun it is to chew on God’s truths together! praying that you remain in the constant rhythm of God’s love.

  2. i don’t know you at all but I found your blog through Kellys Korner link up…I just have to say I love your big truth. It’s good stuff. I love how God restores and never gives up on us…God bless you on your journey!

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