Day 11: How To REMAIN in the #hashtag

I am loved.
I am loved.

Linking up yesterday for #ONEBIGTRUTH was a blast, resembling a big girlie party- where we were brave and honest with each other and found unity in that bond. Let’s keep sharing.

I am grateful and simply tickled that Kelly, Erin, Jennifer, and Courtney introduced us. Thank you.

But how do we remain in the freedom of that admission? How do we remain in the truth of our #hashtag after the picture has been snapped? When the kids are whiny and we are plum exhausted? When the milk spills or dinner burns or the scale says we’ve gained 5 more pounds? How do we remain in the truth when we hear a frightening diagnosis or get smashed with a tragic loss?

 I’m glad you are here today. There is more to learn from Mephibosheth. His story isn’t over. So, with my coffee in hand and Bible in my lap, let’s peek in on Mephibosheth once again.

“And Mephibosheth lived in Jerusalem, because he always ate at the king’s table, and he was crippled in both feet.” 2 Samuel 9:13

The morning light cascades through the heavy royal windows like liquid butter oozing over fresh hot popcorn.  He opens his eyes, trying to get a baring on reality. Oh, yes. The stately room reminds Mephibosheth that he is in the palace.

But as he rolls over to get out of bed, reality punches him in the gut. He can’t move his legs. With a rush of dreadful awareness, he remembers…he is not the king.  This is not his palace.

His thoughts dart uncontrollably to what could have been– a reality void of disobedience or death or loss or brokenness or sadness. A place where his future would have followed its expected path. Sigh. What could have been…

All too well, he knows the danger of settling into this space. Often, he wants to sprint like an Olympic runner away from all that reminds him of what he does not have. But if he fled, he would forfeit all that he has been given…from the king. Security. Love. Honor. Restoration. Hope.

So in the light of the early morning and from the comfort of his royal bed, Mephibosheth calls for the servant and determines to receive the always love and provision of the king.

To remain in the #hashtag of your ONEBIGTRUTH



and receive the love of the King of Kings.

In those vividly aware moments of your brokenness, remember “He loves me. He loves me. He loves me. I am loved.”  Who you are is not fractured by the brokenness you bear. Your true identity is made whole in the love of God.

“In the morning I am satisfied with your unfailing love. I will sing for joy and be glad this day.”  Psalm 90:14

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