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Day 12: The Wedding Nightmare

bridal flowersIt was the day she had dreamed about. The day when Leah would be assured that she was worthy of love. Her wedding day.

But, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. The whispers and the hushed conversations leading up to her wedding day were a bit odd. Her father’s cutting glances and sneaking around made her curious.

When he draped her head with a veil thicker than normal, she knew he was up to something. But she didn’t question. She didn’t want to know. She longed to be married and this was her day. So, she didn’t say a word.

With a heavy veil that hid her face and her younger sister nowhere to be seen, her beating heart told her that she really did love this man. Jacob was so handsome. And now he was her’s.

The feast. The cheers and celebrations and congratulations of the people. The excitement in her heart. She was now married. To Jacob. But there was a heaviness she couldn’t shake as she remembered and obeyed the weird, sneaky instructions of her father… keep her veil on until morning.

Morning came. The nightmare began. Every new bride dreams of waking up to hear these lovely utterings from her new husband: “I love you darling. You take my breath away!  I am so glad I married you. I am the luckiest man in the world!”

But Leah didn’t hear those sweet nothings. In the quiet moments of the early morning as she gazed at her new husband and remembered the love they shared, she noticed her thick veil draped over the chair.  Then, his eyes slowly opened.

At first, with a dreamy smile.

Then, confusion.

Then, focus and realization.

Then, anger and disgust.

Jacob leapt out of bed without even acknowledging his new bride and stormed out. As if daggers were assaulting her heart, she could hear his angry shouts at her father, “What have you done to me! You have deceived me with Leah! I don’t want her. I want Rachel!”

Those words confirmed every ugly, critical, and unworthy thing she had believed about herself but held out hope weren’t true. This morning, she solidified who she believed herself to be: unloved and unworthy.

Her heart broke.

Yes, this is a true story of mistaken identity (taken from Genesis 29:16-30) and more dramatic events unfold for this love triangle in Genesis 2930. But on this morning, we see Leah solidifying her identity that projected who she saw herself to be for years to come.

I pray Leah’s story would never become your reality. There’s one thing we can learn: the MORNING provides optimal opportunity to calibrate your heart with the truth of who you really are- your true identity.

1/2/1999: The BEST day of my life! How a wedding day is meant to be...full of love and joy.
1/2/1999: The BEST day of my life! How a wedding day is meant to be…full of love and joy.

And God teaches us how to put on who we really are in the morning. I want to know. Don’t you? Will you join me tomorrow?


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