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Day 13: Whitney Houston and Me

whitneyhouston She could make my heart lurched and my eyes leak. Her voice. Her passion. Her words. Whitney Houston.

From “How Will I Know” to “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” to “I Will Always Love You.”  Whitney and I, we had a bond. She helped me through junior high heartbreak and high school drama. She knew the feelings of my heart and hit it spot on with her words. She was like therapy.

I had the opportunity in 7th grade to enter a singing competition with one of her songs.

A competition.

At my friend’s slumber party.

In her backyard.

The song, of course, I would lip sync. Never could I rival the pipes of the famous and brilliant songstress.

“How will I know if he really loves me…I say a prayer with every heartbeat…

…falling in love is so bittersweet…”

I hummed this heart-embedded tune as I created my performance outfit. With my pink Singer sewing machine, I stitched up a faux leather skirt made from a plastic trash bag (amazingly, a stitch will hold through plastic!). Gathering my headband bow, StiffStuff hairspray, dangle-y beads, and cassette tape, I was ready. Prepared. To razzle and dazzle… and win.

Sure enough. After my performance, the votes were cast.  It was the first and only singing competition I would ever enter and win.

Still, almost 30 years later, I remember the lyrics. Crazy.

Songs are a valuable tool to remember. God teaches us through David:

“But I will sing of Your strength, in the morning I will sing of Your love;

for You are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.” Psalm 59:16

In the morning…as we saw yesterday, the morning is an oppportune TIME to solidify the truth of who you are. It can be the best lil’ song to get stuck in your brain that stays with you all day long.

sing a song…the root word in Hebrew for sing means “as you travel, journey, go; the idea of strolling.” The dictionary defines song as: a short piece of music with words that are sung; an habitual or characteristic manner.

of who God is…David tells us in Psalm 59 that He is strong, loving, protecting, and a safe place.

So, in our first little bit of consciousness, let’s hum a little tune that will dance in our hearts as we travel and stroll along the moments of our day. Maybe, a praise song on your iPhone (one of my faves is “Mighty Fortress” by Matt Mahar), a verse on a notecard by your bed, or a devotional book like Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  I PROMISE, it’ll change how you see yourself…to the core.

God, You love me strong.

God, You love me safe.

God, You love me true.

If you have a favorite praise song, please share in comments. I’d love to know…always building my “in the morning” playlist.

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12 thoughts on “Day 13: Whitney Houston and Me

  1. This is an old song but The Lord gave it to me about day 90 of Zach’s hospital stay, and that very week-end Zach said “Jesus came in his room and touched his legs”. JESUS YOUR NAME by Morris Chapman, also WE WILL REMEMBER by Tommy Walker and THROUGH THE FIRE by Jason Crabb These 3 are my go to songs!

  2. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…. There’s just something about that name!”………..
    Filling my heart this morning!
    Loving u, mom

  3. Hey! It’s Amy Skinner (just got married so my new last name is Bowman), I was in your ladies Sunday school class while I got my social work degree at USC, which was such a blessing!!! I’m loving these posts! So very encouraging. I’ve been thinking a lot about who I really am and why I let what I think other people think o me dictate how I think and feel about myself! It is so destructive! I need to focus on these truths instead! I know you know this song because I heard it for the first time at Shandon, but I love Here For You by Chris Tomlin. It’s such a neat reminder of my true purpose on earth being for Him and I love the line “Be welcomed in this place” (especially in the morning) because of our great need for Him in every part of our lives! Thanks so much for your faithfulness and obedience to share what the Lord has been teaching you! Blessings!!

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