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Day 14: I’m That Crazy Baseball Mom

My husband-coach and our middle after the championship game

It was the championship game.  Humidity and little insect legs flew around the fans as they sat unaware on the edge of their splintery, wooden bleacher seats. Their full attention was directed towards the grass and dirt baseball diamond behind the linked fence.

Their boys were out in the field. Bottom of the last inning. Winning 5 to 3. With two outs. Bases loaded. One more out and they would be the champions.  Victory would culminate a great season for these eight and nine year olds boys.

You could feel the anxiety and baited breath among the parents watching, as if it were the World Series.  As if.  In that moment, their boys were teetering on the fence of history.

With a swing of the bat, a smack of the ball, the fans stood in unision like they were singing in a church choir. Grabbing arms and hats and hands, both sides waited to exhale. The short-stop claimed his ball and positioned himself as gravity pulled the ball back towards the dirt.

THUD. Ball in glove. He had caught it. They had won the championship game!!!

With uninhindered, massive volume, the moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents in the stands ERUPTED with a thunderous cheer. There was yelping and jumping and high fives and shouts. With babe on my hip, there was no controlling the sounds of excitement reverberating through my body. I was that crazy, over-involved, over-excited boy mom that you question her stabilty. Yes, I was her.

The joy and emotion of winning the game ignited a physical response from me. Joy and emotion has a way of doing that. To all of us.

Moses says to God:

Satisfy us in the morning with Your steadfast love,
    that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.” Psalm 92:2 ESV

How I put on the truth of who I really am?

In the morning as I sing of God’s love and remember who I am (from yesterday), I will be filled up (satisfied) like after a Thanksgiving dinner for my soul and shout out (rejoicing) to God. In the action of singing and shouting, I am postitioned under the rainfall of who He is and who I am.

baseball boy

Will you join me in a little experiement?  Sometime today, go outside or in your car (preferrably empty so not to frighten) or in your bathroom or with some friends or your children or on a walk and SHOUT OUT to God “You love me” (or something like that) as if you had just won the championship game!

I can’t wait to hear you!


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4 thoughts on “Day 14: I’m That Crazy Baseball Mom

  1. Girl…I got goosebumps reading that play by play……but our sounds were different….we were the “uhhhhh” on the field….the breath knocked out of us~……However, that was some game wasn’t it? So glad it was the sweet team that it was that won that night:)
    Great analogy though!

  2. I have goosebumps reading this. LOVE the play by play…..what a night, what a game! However, we were the people going “uhhhhh”… the ball was caught….wind knocked right out of us! However, b/c of the beauty of THAT game, ALL of our boys, GREAT competition, we all rejoiced for your team as well. Great analogy…..

    1. Kristi! yes, yes! loved that we shared it. i was a crazy woman, then it all registered…how crazy ;(

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