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Day 15: The Sparkle of the “Bling-Bling”

6/23/1998: Immediately after he proposed…do you notice how I conspicuously held up my new “bling-bling” for all to see?

It caught my eye at random moments throughout the day. On the computer, typing in my classroom. On the steering wheel, driving home. In the sink, washing my hands.

It was so sparkly and shiny and mine.

In conversations, I looked for opportunities to mention it. Flashing it as I waved “hi” in conspicuous ways. Or when I pulled out my pocketbook. Or when I brushed away hair from my face. I wanted to proclaim that… “I AM ENGAGED!” And every time I did, the dreamy fog lifted just a bit and the next steps lay ahead in bright, joyful reality.

We all tend to do that with exciting news. Whether it’s an engagement or the new hoped-for job or the successful end of the school semester or having/adopting a new baby.

Good news elicits an announcement and, in doing so, it reinforces the truth.

David says to God:

“It is good…to proclaim Your love in the morning…”  Psalm 92:1-2

Let’s break it down.

It is good: valuable, beneficial, happy, excellent

to proclaim: to be conspicuous (standing out so as to be clearly visible), tell, make known

of God’s love for me in the morning. It is a happy and worthwhile thing to start my day making it known (mainly, to myself) that I am loved.

6/23/98: Before he popped the question. I didn’t know what was coming, but he did. This is one of my favorite pictures from that night. Love!

What are some little examples of making it known that I am loved in the morning?

  •  At my first glance in the mirror with bedhead and baggy eyes, resist being critical of how old I look. Instead, look myself square in the eyes and utter with bad morning breath, “I am loved.”
  • Read Psalm 103, 136, or 145 out loud, personalizing it back to myself in the mirror.
  • Create a morning habit with my husband and children or roommate or mom/dad or co-worker to tell each other how much you are loved by God. Begin the conversation at the breakfast table.

With these proclamations, truth is reinforced within your heart of who you truly are and will massively project on the choices you make today.

You won’t be mistaken this day of your identity! la-dee-da-DE-DAH!


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