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Day 17: How to Be a Southerner on Snow Skies

boys in snowMy skin instantly recoils from the stark freeze of the mountain air. It is plum cold. Both my feet are strangley housed in robotic-feeling snowboots. The puffy, insulated snowwear is wrapped around my body. My head topped with a wooly scarf and a bobble-headish, protective helmet. I am ready. With 8 poles, 8 skies, and oodles of excitement, the four of us step out the front door ready to meet our grand adventure.

Standing at the base of the mountain, we adjust our lift tickets, tighten up our boots, clink into our skies, and step in line.  Suspended with a wire, one lonely bench whisks us up the mountain.

At the tip-top of this Rocky, we glide speechless through the snow to our meeting spot. Few words are uttered as we adjust to the frigid air and the overwhelming amount of the white fluffy stuff. We are astonished at the sight of all this snow. It is gorgeous and bright and expansive!Beaver Creek family

Off we go!  First my husband, then the middle, then the oldest, then me. Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh. The beauty and crisp air are breathtaking. The physical participation with my family is satisfying. Memories are in the making.

As we stop to catch our breath, we gaze up at where we had been with mouths agape at our accomplishment. In unision through our bundled-up mouths, we let out a “Wahoo!” as our warm exhale meets the cold air in a puff of steam.

You see, we live in the south. And southerners aren’t able to hop to the slopes for the weekend. So these southerners are going to take our time. Breathe in every mountainy moment. And feel the experience deep within our shivering bones.

boys in snowWe slowly shift our focus from what lay behind to what lies ahead. More mountain to cover. More fun to be had. Gratitiude and chills fill us up as we start gliding down the rest of the white and blustery mountain. Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.

Our journey together through “31 days of Mistaken Identity” is halfway over. I pray and hope and pray and hope that you are embracing in a new and fresh way the truth of who we really are…so very and deeply and fully loved. Because, who you see yourself to be massively projects on how you live your life (choices, relationships, pursuits, experiences).

Join me to “look up the mountain” from where we’ve come and take a moment today to breath in and feel God’s truth deep within your soul.

The truth of my identity has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with God. Day 3

A box from Him is checked YES in your heart for all of eternity. Day 4

My past doesn’t hold the blueprint for my future. Day 5

Who I am is not what I look like. Day 6

What makes me different makes me beautiful. Day 7

When I calibrate my value based on someone else’s happiness or approval, I wear a mistaken identity. Day 8

Hear His whisper. I am with you. day 9

My security is rooted in the ALWAYS truth of God. Day 10

Who I am is not shaped by who loves me. Day  11

In the morning, establish your heart in the truth of who you are. Day 12

I remember who I am as I sing a little song about who He is. Day 13

My empty spaces are filled by God’s great love. I rejoice in who I am because of who He is. Day 14

Believing the truth about who I am (loved) projects on the choices I make today. Day 15

Listen to the truth of who God is and you will hear who you are. Day 16

Wahoo! Look at our accomplishment.

Which one wraps up your heart the most?

Tomorrow, we will shift our gaze and look ahead. It’s going to require bravery…

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