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Day 24: Breaking Through the Heavy Cloak of Hopelessness

type 1 diabetes
6/28/13: waiting to learn that our oldest has type 1 diabetes

Mistaken Identity #6: By the brokenness I bear, I am what I am.

For me, this mistaken identity hits oh so close to home.  It’s like the words above are dipped in rubbing alcohol and pressed within the wounds of my heart, burning as it cleanses. I’ve learned to lean into the burn allowing the gleaming nuggets of God’s truth to be purified in the fire.

With our oldest son’s Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis this summer and my dad’s Leukemia diagnosis just this week, disease and sickness and pain can sit like heavy cloaks on our hearts.  And I know for you too, in those burdens you bear. God knows too and He has stabilizing words of love for you and for me.

Turning back to the dusty road in the Bible, we find a woman, a sick woman in Mark 6:24-34. A few things to know…

  • She dealt with excessive bleeding- most likely a menstrual or uterine disorder
  • For 12 years!!!  Can you only imagine? Dealing with that, in those times, for that long? No need to fill in the gaps. We women get it! Ugh…poor girl.
  • She suffered a great deal trying to get help.
  • She spent all the money she had.
  • And it only got worse!

Living with brokenness can easily lead down a road of hopelessness. It sounds like…”Brokenness is who I am and it is all I will ever be.”

Jesus was her last hope. As she pushed through the crowd, jostled about, she reached out just to touch His clothes.  And was immediately healed!

Jesus could have kept on walking. But He stopped for her…to continue the healing deep within her soul.

Jesus is interested not only is soothing your pain but healing your heart. He called her out and waited for her to respond.

She fell at his feet, trembling with fear, and told him the whole truth.

In those big or small moments when you feel hopelessness creep around your heart, reach out to Jesus, The Only Hope to heal you through and through.

The truth…you are not the brokenness you bear. Whisper to yourself, “I am what I am by God’s grace over me.” Over and over and over again. His love for you is where hope begins to break through.


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  1. So sorry about your dad’s diagnosis, your heart as a mom and daughter must be heavy. Ps. 29:11 “The Lord gives strength to His people”.
    Much love Amy Ruth

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