Study in Hosea

Welcome to the FIRST DAY in our new series #messylove. I am so excited to dive into the book of Hosea with you and splash around in God’s love. May we grasp how wide and long and high and deep it is and to know this love that will blow our minds so that we can be fill up to overflow with all the fullness of God!” (Ephesians 3:18-19, my paraphrase)

I invite you to join me TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS to connect our hearts in this pursuit. Yay!

To start, the ONE confession to change your life:


Mess: a situation or state of affairs that is confused or full of difficulties

That’s what I am. A mess. My life is “a situation that is confused and full of difficulties.”

I freak out. Get mad. Cry. Yell.

Slam things. Get all balled up inside. Obsess.

Complicate. Hurt. Lash out. Seeth. Compare.

Judge. Expect. Criticize.

And to love me is…hard. And messy.

boy mess
2012: He was so proud of the mess he had made. I love that mess!

God’s very people, the Israelites, were a mess too. They were wrapped up in a tornado-like cycle:

Love God. Obey. Get distracted. Stray. Disobey. Hurt. Grieve. Run back to Him.

Over and over and over again.

They were unfaithful and confused and wishy-washy and a mess.

I can so relate.

But God loved them.  God loved them so much that He sent many messengers, spokesmen, prophets to inspire, encourage, motivate, call them back to a safe relationship with HIm.

One of those prophets was Hosea.

But it’s hard to hear the truth when your life is going well without God, isn’t it? When your life is not confusing, at the moment.  When things are falling into place. When you aren’t experiencing difficulties. It’s hard to hear the truth of needing God when it doesn’t feel like you need any help.

Under King Jeroboam II, the Isrealites had national power and material prosperity (Hosea 1:1). And they ignored Hosea who was calling them back to God.

They covered up their ears.

Shut the door of their hearts.

Held up a palm to his face and said, “Talk to the hand.”

But God’s love is bigger than our mess. His love is stronger than our will. And His love is deeper than our sin.

So God called Hosea to do something extraordinary. Something crazy. Radical. Untraditional. Drastic.  God called him to live out His love in a tangible, billboard-type manner.

God called Hosea to marry a promiscuious woman (Hosea 1:2)… a “woman of whoredoms (KJV)”. Possibly a prostitute. Possibly a woman who would beyond a shadow of a doubt cheat on him. It’s a messy-kind of marriage like you’ve never seen before.

God wants us to know of His love that much. This one confession holds the key…the solitary lone admission that I can’t do it by myself. That I won’t make it on my own. That I need help. Help to make it through the day. Help to make it through this struggle. And when we admit we need help, we are then open for all of God’s power and love to burst through. And with Him, you have everything.

I am a mess. But remember…


If you wanna… by THURSDAY,

1) read Hosea 1.

2) Make a list of all the messy things that were going on in Hosea’s marriage.

Then, write over the list: God’s love is bigger!

3) Next, make a list of your current messes.

Then, write over the list: God’s love is stronger!

Id love to dialogue with you in the comments below.


This is DAY ONE in the new series #messylove.

Meet me back here  TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS to splash around in God’s love and embrace the fullness of what it brings to our life.

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  1. Hi Amy! I am privileged to live across the street from your parents and it is your mom who shared your blog with me. I get excited to read it everyday. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this way. You have no idea how this has blessed me. I pray for you and your sweet family everyday. Love, Marla

    1. Hi Marla. Thank u so much for ur prayers. My mom loves you! I love that we can meet in Gods truth from our opposite home towns 😉

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