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Brave Messy Love that Walks Hand in Hand


My dad is fighting a rare leukemia. He and my mom are the picture of unconditional love as they walk arm in arm down the hospital hallway.

I’m surrounded by the bravest people I’ve ever seen, here at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. People who are facing death…and fighting. Fighting for their lives.

They have “their people” gathered about. Loved ones holding hands, pushing wheelchairs, tears perched on eyelids. Pain and grief that bubble up from their heart into the furrow of their brow.

Some eyes avert with grief. Others look you straight through. And still many connect deep within your very soul.

There are smiles…because they have each other…for this day.

Love is here, along with fear, grief, uncertainty, and pain.

But love feels bigger. Bolder. Louder than the others. Love that knows the gift in this very moment. Love that gives when there is no return, no ability for return. It’s unconditional love. Seen in this place.

Our messy selves are loved like that too. Completely. With makeup off. With sin dripping fresh from our hands. With darkness looming in our hearts.

We are loved by the One who created us. Our One and Only, God.

He knew we would reject Him. Choose other things above Him. Disregard His boundary lines of safety for us. He knew we would cheat on Him and abandon Him. He knew. And He loves us still (Hosea 1:2).

Therefore, I can be confident:

1. My sin is not a surprise. Nothing I do will shock Him out of His love for me. He loves me because of who He is not because of who I am.
2. There is no need to pretty myself up. He knows the all the ugly places.
3. Resisting His love is resisting the very thing that seeks to restore me and make me whole.

He is bigger than my sin.
Stronger than my ugly.
Deeper than the mess I make.

I am loved.
Did you make the lists from Tuesday? See mine below…

A few things to ponder…
1. Write out 10 things that finish this statement: Even though I ______________, God loves me still.
2. In what ways does an unfaithful wife connect with our unfaithful hearts?
3. Why do you think God asked Hosea to do this?
4. In what ways are you changed by this love?

Enjoy your weekend. See you next TUESDAY…as we investigate the names of their 3 children. Very weird…

2 thoughts on “Brave Messy Love that Walks Hand in Hand

  1. Just as Gomer would be unfaithful to Hosea, we can be unfaithful to our God. Anything that we put above him or idol (such as money, etc.) I’m assuming God was teaching Hosea this lesson. God wanted Hosea to be faithful to HIM. Is this right?

    1. Hi dianna! Great questions. LOVE that u are asking them. God wasn’t really teaching Hosea. He was using Hoseas life as a megaphone to shout this truth to his unfaithful people the Israelites. As Hosea would be faithful to unfaithful Gomer so God is faithful to his unfaithful people. It’s beautiful! As we step thru the next few chapters we will see what God will do to bring His people back to Him. Oh what love! Messy love bc we are a mess!!!

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