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How to Live Graciously in the Reality of Your Brokenness

I’m flying home from MD Anderson today. My heart and life are forever changed by the beautifully brave people that fill these rooms and hallways. My dad is at the top of my list!
So I interject this Saturday from our Tuesday/Thursday #messylove, a lesson I’m learning and now have witnessed: how to live in the reality of brokenness with
tremendous and powerful grace. It’s the suspended bridge that connects our “Mistaken Identity” focus in October to our “#messylove” focus currently. And I just couldn’t help myself.
My #31day journey in Mistaken Identity led me to the story of Mephibosheth. It is within the framework of his story that we actually witness a mistaken identity being exchanged to an identity of truth, a redefinition of grace.

Would you join me with earbuds and a cup of coffee in hand?
Click HERE to listen.

As mentioned in the podcast, here is the motivation….
Who I am
The sticky pattern described and now seen below is the KEY to living defined by grace. It reveals how we come to LIVE with a Mistaken Identity.
But it is also the very roadmap TO GET OUT, living defined by grace. INSTEAD of taking the FACTS to a judgement, take the FACTS to the TRUTH. The powerful change agent to our redefinition of grace is the
For you and for me. Amen.