Joy in the Dark Side of Love

bad boyGod’s love rejoices in the truth.

Today is the day my toddler mommy-ness comes out. It’s the day to talk about…dirty diapers. I know. Gross. And yes, as crazy as it may sound, I have learned a truth-filled lesson pertaining to messy love in the midst of a loaded diaper.

I had forgotten. I had totally forgotten from baby boy #2 to baby boy #3 what a MESS they can make…in their diaper. It’s one of my most dreaded duties as a mom. To deal with the stink. I wrinkle up my nose and make groaning noises. The smell is repugnant.   But the truth: I love him too much to leave him in his mess.

But, my boy does not rejoice in this truth. Oh my, no. He resists my help. Runs away from me. Screaming, with his pudgy little hand held up as if to force me backwards.

“One more minute! No diaper! No mess! No change!”

He wants to stay in the nasty messiness. He wants to remain in his stink. Why?

  • Does he feel inconvenienced to stop what he is doing?
  • Does he not want the exposure?
  • Does he just want to forget that it’s happened, hoping it’ll go away?

If left up to him, I really think he might just carry it around all day. Within the rationale of his childish, short-term thinking, living in the stink is better. But for his best, his health, his quality of life, I must chase, wrangle, and dive in.

 I get involved with what I hate in order to clean up whom I love.

God loves us like that. And for that truth, we can rejoice!

Many scholars believe that of the three children Gomer gave birth to in Hosea 1:3-9, only ONE was actually Hosea’s. God names each one to demonstrate His response to our sin:

Hosea 1

Not quite the top googled names in 2013. Not commonly occurring names on the class rolls in American schools today.

Jezreel (a son) means “God scatters.”

  • God will put an end to the independence of Israel. 25 years later, the Assyrians will conquer them.
  • The truth: He will not let me remain in my sin, carrying around my baggage, existing in my stink. Consequences will come with the choices I make so that I might soften and return.

Lo-Ruhamah (a daughter) means “not loved.”

  • The truth: God’s love is unconditional, but my enjoyment of that love depends on my obedience. For example, if my child rejects me and runs away from home, will I stop loving him? Absolutely not. But he will not be able to enjoy my love due to his hardened heart and the proximity of our relationship.

Lo-Ammi (a son) means “not my people.”

  • God is perfect, holy, and strong. His love is not a fluffy, sentimental feeling that condones or pampers or turns a blind eye to my sin.
  • The truth: In His love, He has to deal with my stinky sin.

God doesn’t brush my sin under the rug. Or look the other way. Or just pat me on the head and say with pity “it’ll be ok.”  No, He loves me too much to leave me in my mess.

He gets involved with what He hates in order to clean up whom He loves…you and me.

In this dark side of love, we see the depths of how much God hates our sin thus carving out the grandest of canyons in which the enormity of His love spills over. And my friend, even though it stinks, we can rejoice that we are loved that much.

This isn’t the end of the story. This isn’t the period to His love.

There is restoration ahead (Hosea 2:21-23)…

For Thursday, we will dig down into WHY Gomer was unfaithful to such a loving husband. There were 3 root sins present in her heart and I believe in my heart as well.
1. Read Hosea 2. See if you can find the root sins of her heart that lead to her unfaithfulness.
2. In verses 14-23, make a list of all that God will do to restore His unfaithful wife. How many can you come up with?


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