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3 Things To Avoid If You Want to Be Free

weedGardening. It’s just not my thing. Too much work. Too much effort. Too much brain space. My mom once said, “You can’t grow a garden and children at the same time.” I most assuredly agree. Thanks, Mom.

On the rare occasion that I have to pluck those pesky weeds, I slip on my pink gardening gloves and grab my tiny shovel from the bin. My mission: to eradicate the weeds that poke up through my pine straw and distract attention away from my designed landscape.

Kneeling, I snatch those little things from the earth they cling to.  I don’t care about getting all the roots, much to my husband’s chagrin. I pull just enough to pluck them from view. It’s totally about how it looks…for this day.  So what if they come back. I’ll just pluck ’em again.

weedsOften, I find myself applying this deficient “weeding principle” to the sins in my heart.  I just want to deal with what can be seen.  I pretty it up just for this day and worry about the source, the roots, of its growth later. It’s too much work. Too much effort. Just too much. I cover up the connection between the weed and root, hoping it will die out on its own.

What do you think about these possible connections?

The weed: I lose my temper with my kids every day. I yell and scream. The root: Possibly, fear that I’m failure as a parent. Pride in what will others think about me and my wild children.

The weed: I am stressed out when I host an event. Everything must be perfect.  The root: Possibly, pride because I want your admiration or, perhaps, your envy. Hypocrisy, I want you to see perfection on the outside because I’m a mess on the inside.

The weed: I get irritated when things don’t go my way or according to my schedule. The root: Possibly, ingratitude, I feel entitled for things to be easy for me because I’m a good girl.

Unless we get to the root of these issues, these weeds, we will never be free to move forward. Never be free to truly experience the love of God that brings fullness to our life.

Gomer was unfaithful to her husband Hosea. That is the weed.  But what was at the root of that behavior? What in the world caused her to reject him and his love?

God shows us 3 things from the life of Gomer to avoid if you want to be free.

Pride (Hosea 2:2):

  • She was proud and didn’t attempt to hide it.
  • She clutched her sins to her chest in a tight embrace not willing to let them go!
  • Are there any sins you not willing to let go of?

Ingratitude (Hosea 2:8):

  • She didn’t acknowledge the provisions that Hosea had given to her. Instead, she used them for her own worship, ungrateful and entitled.
  • Are there any areas of ingratitude leading you down the path of entitlement?

Hypocrisy (Hosea 2:11-13):

  • Although she was immersed in sin, she continued to play the game by going to religions things, celebrating festivals, and Sabbath days. Was one way on Sunday and another day during the week!
  • Are you playing any games trying to keep up the good girl appearances?

These were the roots that led to her unfaithfulness and, eventually, her ruin. If only she had been willing to stop and admit and come back to Hosea, she could have prevented the heartbreak that was ahead.

1. Know that there is always a root source to the weed actions in your life.

2. Be brave and willing to get dirty to uncover and pluck the sin from the roots.

3. Turn from the sin and return to your loving God. You are better off with Him than without Him!

God’s love rejoices in the truth, this truth that detangles my heart from the viney fingers of sin.


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Have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll see you back here on TUESDAY as we peel back God’s love and discover how it PERSEVERES.