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The Forgetfulness of a 41-year-old Mom Brain

never forget

God’s love perseveres.

I forget oh-so-many things:

  • stamps at the grocery store
  • my iTunes password
  • what I was getting on my way upstairs
  • cash for the babysitter
  • where I put my iPhone
  • the amount of cash I take out of my sons’ cash jar for my immediate cash purchases
  • baking soda instead of baking powder in my pound cake recipe
  • what I wore last Sunday

Because I forget many things, I’ve often pondered:

  • Am I getting to that age?
  • Do I have too much information already lodged into my brain?
  • Have I reach my mental capacity?

Gomer forgot…forgot how she was loved. We see in Hosea 2:13, “…but me she forgot.”

  • Gomer forgot Hosea’s love.
  • She forgot his security.
  • She forgot his acceptance.
  • She forgot his presence.
  • She forgot his forgiveness.
  • She forgot his peace.
  • I too forget God’s love.

In forgetting, I usually distance and easily disengage from the very One who loves me most.

I forget that:

  • I can walk in peace because I know I am held by the Prince of Peace.
  • I need not worry because the Almighty God is with me.
  • I can be confident knowing that I have everything I need in the All-Sufficient One.

I forget. Every day.

How does our loving Father respond to our forgetfulness? In rejection, abandonment, turning His back, making a list and checking it twice? Oh no, my friend.

God responds in the very definition of what love truly is. First, in His holiness, He deals with our sin (Hosea 2:2-13) seen from Thursday’s post. We can rejoice in the truth that He loves us that much.  But the story doesn’t end there.  Secondly, His love perseveres through our forgetfulness. He restores, heals, and brings us back (Hosea 2:14-23).

Tomorrow, come back for a Thanksgivng prayer for your holiday.

On Saturday (leaving room to breathe in Thanksgiving), we are going to meander into these beautifully painted descriptions to see God’s love lived out in perseverance. In this season of gratitude, there is much to be thankful for! I am a mess. But I am a loved mess.


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