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The Gift of Always Being Right

I love coca cola
Who do you think is always right? heehee

It’s never fun to be around a person who thinks they are always right, is it? Someone who always knows better, does better, thinks better, and looks better. Ugh. I’ve had a few of those people in my life. And the natural position I receive from them is that they then judge me in my being, thinking, or doing. Gag. Stay away.

A marriage provides ample opportunity for this to take place. I am grateful that my man is right about many things but never uses his accuracy as a weapon to tear me down. His rightness is a source of wisdom and refuge for me. His rightness is rooted in his love.

In our journey with Hosea to discover what God’s love really looks like, we are camping out in how God’s love perseveres.  It holds on through the hardships, rejection, unfaithfulness on our part.

Out of His persevering love, He lavishes good gifts on us.The ultimate gift is in the giving of His son Jesus for our sins (John 3:16). But He also gives MORE gifts as we exist in a relationship with Him.

I will betroth you to Me forever;

I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion.

I will betroth you in faithfulness, and you will acknowledge the Lord.  Hosea 2:19-20

On Tuesday, we unwrapped the gift of Forever Love. Today, we will unwrap:

God's love gift

God’s persevering love extends the gift of righteousness (Romans 5:17). It’s the gift of God always being right.

Wait a minute. How is that a gift? Oh, it’s a gift of the best kind for 3 different reasons:

1.  for what is says about God: He doesn’t mess up or make mistakes or forget or disregard or act unloving. He is always doing what is right for me, what is right by me, what is right in me, and what is right with me! Plus, what He SAYS is always right- the guiding truth found in the Bible.

2.  for what it says about me: I can rest, be confident, be secure, patiently wait, surrender because He is always right and He is always loving. Because His righteousness is rooted in His love, His righteousness is never used against me or lorded over me. He never tells me “I told you so” or “why didn’t you figure it out.”

In my wrongness, He is right.

In my confusion, He knows the clear way.

In my indecisiveness, He makes the best decisions.

In my feeling-dominated direction, He assuredly determines the right path.

3.  for how it impacts my life: The Bible tells us theses things…

Righteousness makes my way straight. Psalm 5:8

Righteousness preserves my life.Psalm 119:40

Righteousness brings me out of trouble.Psalm 143:11

Righteousness delivers from death.Proverbs 10:2

Righteousness brings life. Romans 8:10

Righteousness guards me.Proverbs 13:6

Righteousness brings fulfillment and contentment. Matthew 5:6

Grace reigns through righteousness. Romans 5:21

Righteousness gives peace, a quiet heart, and confidence .Isaiah 32:17

Righteousness is given through Jesus to all those who believe.Romans 3:22

Here’s the kicker. Not only does He offer righteousness TO us, but He is righteousness IN us.

  • Because of Jesus, I am made right too.
  • Because of Jesus, His righteousness is not only an external gift, it becomes an internal treasure.
  • Because of Jesus, I am washed clean and restored and made whole.
  • Because of Jesus, I am right with God.

Because of JESUS…the best gift of gifts

Have a great weekend!  Be intentional about making use of the two gifts we opened this week: forever and righteousness. 
How does it impact your thinking, your relationships, your identity?
I’ll see you back here on TUESDAY for the third gift God promises you and me.
Can you guess what it is?


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