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Responding to the Love Gifts of God

R2D2 baby
I responded to this lil love gift by grabbing my camera!

Yesterday was filled with paper ripping, tissue flying, Family “Minute to Win it” round 2, a long walk, eating, thank you’s, hugs, and laughter. We were each intentional and determined to make lasting memories with the gift of this Christmas time together. It was a great day!

Nestled within the crook and cranny of Christmas and New Years is ONE week.

One week where many on-the-ball people respond with thank you notes to the generosity of family and friends.

One week living in the freedom of no school.

One week visiting family, sleeping in late, and putting up Christmas decorations.

One week that brings the end to one year and moves toward another.

This one week is often a time of reflection for me. I reflect on what this year has held. I look ahead to the next year and determine who I want to be, what I want to accomplish, and what is most important.

So on this day after Christmas, we journey back to Hosea and settle on the last part of God’s gifts to us. With arms and hearts full of gifts (forever, righteousness, justice, loving-kindness, mercy, and faithfulness), we now have an opportunity to respond.

“I will betroth you in faithfulness, THEN you will acknowledge the Lord.” Hosea 2:20 NASB

The New Living Translation says it like this,

“I will be faithful to you and make you mine, and you will finally know Me as the Lord.”

The Hebrew word for know or acknowledge is yada meaning “to find out, perceive, recognize, to be acquainted with, to know by experience.”

hosea 2:20With arms full of what He has given, we…

find out,

get acquainted with,

and know by experience

who He is.

His love gifts are actually Himself wrapped up. He gives Himself to you and to me. And, when we receive His gifts, we will know Him.

This is the effect that takes place. An impact that is undeniable. When we receive Him, THEN we will know Him in a new, real, fresh, awesome, life-changing way.  Oh boy.

When you hold the gift of His forever in your hands, be assured that He will always and forever be with you because He always has been and forever will be.

When you hold the gift of righteousness, remember that everything He does is right for you and made right in you because He is righteousness.

Ponder how you will respond to His love gifts to you- the gift of Himself. I’ve thought of three ways. Will you join me?

1. by believing they are true.
2. by accepting them as your own.
3. with a heart so full of gratitude.


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