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Coming…5 Ways in 5 Days

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Loved this unique lightbulb idea from

I have a fun idea…The last full week of EVERY MONTH, let’s MEET together 5 straight days

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday –  Friday

Let’s DISCUSS various topics in life application:

HOW TO FIND the love of your life

HOW TO LIVE with more confidence

HOW TO MAKE life-long friends

HOW TO RELEASE the Mom Guilt

and many others…

Let’s EMBRACE 5 ways of these “how tos” in our lives!  Like a crash course of sorts every month- 5 Ways in 5 Days!

Our FIRST ONE is around the corner on JANUARY 27-31:

finding the love of your life

 Ut-oh. Do I hear a skeptic groan and eye roll from some of you single ladies?  I know.

But seriously, these 5 ways are biblical

These 5 ways are practical.

These 5 ways worked for me and changed the way I saw myself, my dating (or lack of), my purpose, and my hopes for a future marriage.

Curious? Still skeptical? Interested?

I’ll see you here on JANUARY 27

for 5 ways in 5 straight days

on “How To Find the Love of Your Life.”

Invite a friend.  Share it with your daughter, sister, niece, loved one…

Let’s party and find freedom from the trappings this longing can bring!

Amy Ruth