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A Cotton Candy Promise for You

Hosea 14:4I live in a boy dominated household. We’ve got superheroes and trucks and Star Wars guys all over the place!  Blue stripes and boyish plaid filled their bedrooms.  And, most nights are filled with wrestling and running and competitions. I love my boy-mom life!

Any pink that exists in the house is mine. All mine!  There’s no discussion or debate. If it’s pink, it’s mom’s.  Pink = my ownership.

Settled on a pink background, I claim ownership of Hosea 14:4 today. I can almost smell the pinkish cotton candy aroma. It’s mine, all mine. But, this pink is meant to be shared.

God will heal me. Yes, He will. On those days that I hide out in a selfish cave feeling down on myself and insecure, He will heal me. It’s the power of His free love that pulls me out.

God will heal me from that perpetual sin that pops up through my attitudes: anger, fear, pride, discontentment, worry. Out of His free love, God goes there, unravels the sin, and sets me on a firm, purposeful path.

It’s a promise. Open your arms to this promise. Believe that it is true. Be willing to change your thinking and settle into the extreme love God has for you. You are loved. Freely.

Today, despite what attitude hangs on us, despite those un-fun things we have to do, despite our insecurities, let’s claim this cotton candy promise.

It is so sweet.

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I’ll see you tomorrow!