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Am I Clumsy or Just Plain Stupid?

gross scabs
Really gross…I fell while running sprints. Clumsy AND stupid!

We’ve done it! We have journeyed through the messy love story of Hosea and Gomer since November!

I'm so proudI pray that God has revealed things in your heart that will allow you to experience life and love like never before!

As we close the pages of this book, our eyes rest on the last verse:

HOsea 14:9After all that we’ve gleaned from the book of Hosea and #messylove, there are 3 final questions:

Am I clumsy or stupidThe last verse of Hosea leaves us with pen in hand equipped to write the rest of our story, the rest of our messy love story with God. Our story is hinged upon how we receive the truths taught here: the messy love of God found in 1 Corinthians 13 and lived out through Hosea’s love for his wife.

  • God loves me unconditionally. I don’t have to strive or prove myself to Him. He loves me totally and completely. Just as I am.
  • God’s love rejoices with the truth. The exposure of my ugly sin is not to shame me but to liberate me. Exposure is the gateway to freedom.  I am not bound by it any longer. I deal with the consequences, but I don’t have to be locked in to that as my predetermined future.
  • God’s love perseveres. He gifts me with Himself no matter how unfaithful I am. He is faithful to me.
  • God’s love never fails. God sees me as I really am and loves me still. He buys me back to set me free.
  • God’s love forgives. Every bit. Every part. So, I can forgive myself.

It is through the filter of this kind of love that we may ask:

Am I clumsy?  My answer literally is yes. I always seem to trip over my enormous UGG soles on the shiny Target floors! But spiritually, am I stumbling, tripping, getting caught up on the things that God has taught me through Hosea? Do I get tripped up with unforgiveness or stumble my way through loving someone unconditionally? Are there sins so ingrained in me that I don’t know who I am without them? Do I stumble along in relationships allowing pride to destroy any chance of happiness?

Am I just plain stupid?  I feel stupid after I yell at my kids again or worry and play out in my brain the worst case scenario like a made-for-TV movie or forget to do something or get tripped up on a habitual sin yet again.  Hosea ends his book with this:  IF you are wise and discerning, you WILL realize and understand these things. It’s not a matter of mental capacity or adaptive intelligence. It is a matter of knowing and loving God through SURRENDER. Wisdom comes through Him.

Disclaimer: I don’t think you are clumsy or stupid. Just self-reflective questions to personally ponder.

Am I right with God? Do I believe, accept, live these truths out about who God is, thus defining who I am? Or do I think that God’s love is just to make me feel good about things and to put happy thoughts towards, thus leaving Him on the shelf when I want to do something my own way?

The pen is in your hand to write the rest of this story…the rest of your story. God’s love and forgiveness is extended towards you.

Will you accept the gift and allow Him to write the best adventure that you could never craft on your own?

Will you be brave and admit that you need His help?

Will you stand on your feet and grab hold of the life God created you to have?

It begins and ends with God’s love. I am a mess. But I am a loved mess.

Amen. Hallelujah!


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