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A Week of Family Togetherness: Naughty or Nice?

family skiFamily togetherness is…well… togetherness at its BEST. And, worst.

Last week, we took all the boys to Beaver Creek, Colorado snow skiing. We just love the Rocky Mountains!

beaver creek family

It was a dreamy, delightful, memory-making time. But, not without the reality of ugly moments. Moments of irritation and crankiness and feeling pressured with the expectation to have fun, fun, fun!

I had ample opportunity to practice what I’m learning about attitudes. Here are 3 things I learned:

1. I love my people. There is a comforting acceptance that settles in when we are together. They are fun and funny and courageous. And, they are mighty fine skiers, leaving me in their snow powder dust. When my attitude is anchored  in my love for them, I have a generous and caring point of view.

family ski trip

2. Traveling with a 2-year-old is hard, even with an iPad. When things gets hard, my attitude stinks!

boy ipad


3. My attitude can get ugly even in the most beautiful of places. I noticed this week that at the root of my ugly is often:

pride attitude

Pride says:

I can handle it all by myself. I don’t need your help. I won’t ask for your help. And, I may even seethe a bit if you don’t at least offer to help even though it would most definitely be met with my smug and haughty refusal.

I want the attention, affirmation, acknowledgement of all the work that I do (fixing lunches, packing efficiently, doing a daily devotional, looking cute in my clunky ski helmet) and how graciously and perfectly I do it.

I want to do what I want to do. I don’t want to do what you want me to do or need me to do for you at this very minute (like getting you more juice or cutting up your waffle or finding your Lego guy!).

Pride. Oh boy.

In what ways does pride creep its ugly head in your world?

Be aware.

Call it for what it is, confessing it to God.


  • I can’t handle it on my own.
  • True validation comes in turning my attention to God and not seeking it for myself.
  • God’s way is better.

Join me: Ugly no more.

See you on Thursday for more on un-sticking PRIDE!

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