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OFFloading MoM GUiLT for 5 Days

mom guilt

Starting on Monday, let’s connect for 5 days straight with our second 5 ways in 5 days this year!!  I had so much fun last month with

“How to Find the Love of Your Love.”

You have been so receptive and generous with your heart and thoughts. Just a delight!

For February, I’m excited to converse with you about something that I really struggle with on a daily basis:


I know this narrows the blogging audience, but I’m sure we all know someone who struggles with this. So, please share, link on, pass it along.  You are not alone.

Then, on March 4, we will be back to Tuesday/Thursday with our study: Unstick the Ugly Attitudes.

MoM GUiLT is not really guilt at all.

Grace for the Good Girl

Emily P. Freeman in her book Grace for the Good Girl explains the difference between guilt and shame so beautifully:

“When we sin, guilt in the right response. Guilt is used by God to show us our need for Him. Guilt says I did wrong. Shame says I am wrong. Guilt deals with behavior. Shame deals with identity. Guilt leads to repentance. Shame leads to hiding. Shame is what happens when we let guilt fester and sink deeper and don’t deal with it. Shame whispers doubt: Maybe you’re not doing enough. Maybe you’re not cut out for this. Maybe you’re messing them up. Who do you think you are?” (page 117)

So for this week, it’s really “Mom SHAME,” not Mom Guilt.  Plus, more than just moms struggle with this, I’m sure.  Dads, grandparents, caregivers, etc. Please receive “Mom Guilt” as a general label for a varied thing.

I wear shame like my favorite hoodie- heavy, often cozy in familiarity, snug and hot around my shoulders, almost smothering my breath.

shame hoody

Shame. Ugh. So heavy.

It’s time to OFFLOAD it onto Someone’s shoulders who can bear the weight of our inabilities and mistakes and who can strengthen us into all we need to be!


Matthew 11:28-29

If you or someone you know is ready to OFFLOAD the shame we feel about not being good enough as a mom…

If you or someone you know is tired of bearing the heavy hoodie of feeling inept, incompetent, and stupid as a mom…

If you or someone you know is just dying to be free and breathe in the beauty and treasure of being a mom instead of constantly weighing the places where you don’t meet the grade

…grab my trembling, tired hand.

We can walk TOGETHER through these life-changing truths.  MoM GUiLT does not have to be an expected part of the parenting journey.  We moms (caregivers, dads) can live free and truly enjoy every crazy, exhausting, joy-filled, satisfying moment with the children God has gifted us!

mom guilt

Let’s do this!


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  1. I sooooooo need this reminder this week!!! Thank you for your encouragement and insight!! Your gift for communication is a treasured thing to me… Still. 😉

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