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Muting the Whispers of Discouragement

mute buttonI started to sing. Outloud. Crackily. Out of tune. I didn’t care. I was a bit discouraged and desperate.

Getting down the mountain seemed hopeless. It was a loooooong way down from the summit to the base (4,000 feet).

beaver creek

I was tired from 3 days of skiing with this non-exercised mom body. My legs felt like wet noodles. My right knee was holding semi-strong with 2 surgeries in its history.  All three of my guys were way ahead of me having the time of their lives.

But, I had to get down. I knew I could do it.

Instead of being discouraged with the task ahead, I broke out in song. I sang the only two songs that came to my mind (so weird) “Shout to the Lord” which was sung at our wedding and the old hymn “Jesus, There’s Just Something About that Name.” Seriously, they were the ONLY TWO I could remember. Crazy and really old-fashioned!

As I sang and focused on the truth of who God is, the downward snowy slope didn’t seem as daunting. There was hope. I could do it one swish at a time. And, I had a melodic blast.

I muted discouragement by singing the truth louder.

Discouragement is an ugly companion.

discouragement definition

Ugh. I hate feeling discouraged.

I feel discouraged when one of the boys is sick. It feels like I am swimming in Clorox wipes and 7-up, forever.

I feel discouraged when I eat way too may Nacho Doritos or Oreos, again.

I feel discouraged when my 2-year-old wants all my attention all the time and incessantly like a leaky faucet whimpers, “mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy…”

I feel discouraged when the laundry never gets completely done.  There is always another load, a random sock, someone needing a pair of clean jeans.

I feel discouraged when I see the life-long road for our Diabetic son who must count carbohydrates in every thing he puts in his mouth.

I feel discouraged often. I wonder, my friend…what discourages you?

Discouragement tenderly wraps its arms around me and deceptively whispers:


And, you know what I hate the most about discouragement?

It distracts me from listening to the hope-filled promises of God.

This very thing happened to God’s people in Exodus.

[nbox type=warning]

Moses reported this [hope-filled promises of God] to the Israelites but they did not listen to him because of their discouragement and cruel bondage. Exodus 6:9


They were distracted and overwhelmed with their hardships (they had been slaves for 430 years and it was getting worse) that they couldn’t pay attention to God.

They were distracted and disappointed with their rescue operation (wasn’t immediate enough) that they couldn’t believe God’s promises.

They were distracted and full of dread for their future (all the unknowns) that they couldn’t let themselves move towards deliverance and freedom.

(taken from Matthew Henry commentary)

Sweet friend.

Are you overwhelmed and focused on the hard thing that you are walking through right now that you haven’t even thought about the powerful, mighty God and His love for you? That’s discouragement.

Are you so very disappointed in the way things are going in your life that you have can’t believe anything about God let alone anything that He says? That’s discouragement.

Are you so fearful and full of dread about your unknown future that you are paralyzed to remain in the mess you’ve made? That’s discouragement.

hate discouragement. It is not the truth. Let’s push the mute button:

1. Say to yourself when the laundry is piled high or you are making another trip to the hospital or your darling 2-year-old is grating your last nerve,

“I am not a victim to discouragement. It is not the only response to this crummy situation. I don’t have to remain in this space and continue to listen to hopelessness.”

2. Begin to see discouragement as a point of view, an attitude, a perspective, a way to look at a situation. It can be changed. Remember, the thing about attitudes?

atttitude change


3. Sing a little song. I’m serious. By singing a song about the truth of who God is and the truth about how much He loves you and the truth about the great plans He has for you, you will mute discouragement because you will no longer be listening. Instead, your ears will be full of your singing (good or bad).

My new favorite album is Ellie Holcomb’s:

ellie holcomb

May these little songs fill your heart and change your perspective.

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The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Deuteronomy 31:8


Have hope, my friend.

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