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The THING to Finding Hope in the Hopeless

Psalm 39:7I’ve had many conversations over coffee where I am looking straight in the eye of a discouraged friend. I listen to the difficulties and sufferings and hard things they are going through.  My heart aches with them. I don’t know what to say. I struggle with how to encourage and help.  Sometimes, I’m speechless.

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I too have been that girl across the table: downhearted, broken, despairing, tired, and so weary.  Momentary relief often comes in sharing with a friend, putting words to the pain, the fear, the confusion, the doubts. But, the hurt still hurts in a swirl of hopeless discouragement.

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Discouragement can often prevent us from listening, from truly listening to the beautiful, gracious, powerful, faithful promises of God (from Tuesday’s post). When we don’t listen, we ironically become STUCK in a swirling cycle of hopelessness, despair, and discouragement.

The goal in our attitude series is to UNSTICK the ugly attitudes. We do that by remembering:

Attitudes are

So, it’s a heart matter. The change comes in the heart, not in the rescue from the situation.

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I find it so curious that many times coupled with discouragement is


10 times. T E N  T I M E S when God says “do not be discouraged” He has just said “do not fear!”  

fear and discouragementCould it be…could it be that our fear is the very gateway to discouragement?

Are we LOOKing to our FEAR of pain, heartbreak, loss, insignificance, tragedy, bitter labor of our current difficulty as the very thing that LEADS us to DISCOURAGEMENT in our souls?

 Fear that I can’t do that task at hand. Discouraged that I am not competent and will disappoint others.

Fear that I’m obeying God for nothing. Discouraged that He won’t bring beauty out of the heartbreak.

Fear that I’ll never be free from my worry or addiction or unhealthy relationship. Discouraged that it’ll always be like this.

Fear that I’m messing up my kids. Discouraged that my parenting choices are all wrong.

Fear that this new change will bring bad things. Discouraged the unfamiliarity will bring heartache.

Fear that I will never get married. Discouraged that I will always be alone.

Fear that God is not powerful enough for this. Discouraged and hopeless.

Looking to fear leads to discouragement.

Looking to God leads to hope.

In Exodus 6:6-8, God proclaims His promises to His enslaved people. These are the very truths (paraphrased) that they could not listen too because they were so discouraged.  May that not be said of us.

God’s voice rings loud and clear from His Word today for you.

Look and listen, sweet friend.

I am the Lord Jehovah. I have been and always will be. Everything is from Me and exists because of Me.

I see what you are going through right now. I hear your cries and anguish. Listen, listen to My tender words. Hear them with your heart. Look for Me. What I say will always happen.

I will free you. My timing is perfect and my way is perfect. I know what’s best.

I will rescue you. You are very valuable to me. I love you. I have bought you at the cost of My Son.  My arms are open wide for you.

I am working to bring you to a wonderful place, a place of abundance, a place of contentment, a place of peace. In order to get there, we will need to go through some hard times TOGETHER so that you will truly experience My love, My power, and My sovereignty. Don’t resist Me. Allow Me to love you.

Look to Me. Focus on Me. Sing about who I am.

Do not fear. Do not be discouraged. I am with you.

Look and listen.

It’s the thing to finding hope in the hopeless.

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