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The Good Thing in Going Off the Grid

baby sleeping
I don’t want to miss the joy in these lil moments.

I’ve been off the grid for a week.  It just happened. Out of true necessity.

Because I love talking with you so much, I had let other things go.  Things that aren’t as much fun: i.e. laundry, cleaning bathrooms, gathering tax information, potty training our 2-year-old.  eek!  I had to take a week to get my “mom hands” dirty and working again.

In the midst, I’ve re-evaluated.  Because I am a schedule-girl, I love having expected times to write. And, there is a place for that.

But for me, for now, I need to pull back a bit and let writing be more organic.  Instead of focusing on a series, I hope to share more of “what God is teaching me” kind-of thing.

On that note, I’m going to pause our attitude series, Unstick for now.  I’ll write and post probably once a week as God is teaching me.

Off the grid. A good thing for a bit.

off the grid

To slow down. Smell the roses. Evaluate. Prioritize. Find joy in the mundane again.

There is a beauty in changing pace and going a bit slower.

There is wisdom in not participating in every bible study.

There is peace in not trying to attain the super-admired, super-envied home room mom reputation.

There is relief in getting accomplished what you NEED to do instead of always doing what you WANT to do.

There is a calm with not having lunch with everyone that asks.

There is a joy in focusing on those people is your most intimate circle that you’ve been entrusted with.

There is restoration in repenting for the things you fill your life up with to gain significance or acceptance or value.

There is rest.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Are you in the midst of a day-to-day that swirls around you out of your control that you can’t even catch your breath?

Are you in the midst of running from one thing to the next, hardly having enough time to sit still for 30 minutes?

You may need to pull off the grid for a bit to…

Re-evaluate. Pray. Rethink and prioritize the importance things. Readjust.

It’s ok.  You’re not weak or incapable or a wussy if you pull out. Instead, I see you as wise.

One of my new favorite verses is:

PSalm 51:12
Photo Credit: A Guy Taking Pictures via Compfight, Design: Amy Ruth

 God, bring me back to what matters most: You.  You rescuing and saving my troubled soul.  In centering on You, joy will spring up from within me. I want that joy.  It only comes from You. Refresh me, uphold my head with a willing spirit. My spirit is so often not willing. Grant me a willing spirit.  And, I will rest in your sustaining hands.