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The Easter Eggs of Yesteryear

Easter eggs

A new era. My older two boys didn’t want to dye Easter eggs this year. I know, I hear the collective, blogosphere gasp.

But, I’m actually relieved. Vinegar and the “egg smell” wafting throughout my home is not my favorite aroma.

A new stage of parenting.

Some of you might continue on and do it anyway, getting the kids involved although initially resistant, but eventually participating in the holiday fun.

But, I’m happy to let it go. At least for one year until our little one is interested and I’ll dive back into the messy, creative fun all over again.

New things.

As I mom, I want to flex with my growing boys and enjoy them every step of the way as they journey into manhood. I don’t want to crane my neck longing for years gone by.

This season is all about new things. New blooms. New flip-flops. New life.

So refreshing.

Jesus is all about new things.

He puts a new song in my mouth. Psalm 40:3

He gives me a new heart and puts a new spirit in me. Ezekiel 36:26

He makes me a new creation. 2 Corinthians 5:17

He is doing a new thing in me.

Isaiah 43:18-19
Photo Credit: UGArdener via Compfight cc, Design: Amy Ruth

Do you need a fresh breath of newness?

Do you feel like there is a hovering staleness in your marriage, your friendships, your purpose, your parenting?

Do you realize that by focusing on what you don’t have, what is lost, what didn’t meet your expectations that you are missing the newness that stands in front of you?

Mary Magdalene did.  In John 20:10-18 (my favorite episode in the resurrection story), she is standing outside the tomb, alone, and crying. She didn’t even realize that Jesus was standing right in front of her.


He called.

Her name.


This Easter weekend, don’t yearn for the times of yesteryear. Instead, hear the resurrected Jesus standing in front of you

with ALL Power,




and Grace

calling your name.

Jesus is about new things for you:

in your marriage

in your friendships

in your purpose

in your parenting.

Turn to Him as Mary did.

Believe all of who He is and what He can do.

See that He is doing a NEW THING in you and making ways that seem dirty, dry, and hopeless.

He makes ALL things new!

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Happy Easter, sweet friends.