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How To Find JOY in Your Crazy! …on Monday

How to have joySometimes, life delivers a script that could not have been made up. Real life material is so wild and wacky and comical and frustrating and CRAZY that in the midst of the chaos you stop and think,

“Is this really happening to me?”

My crazy seems to swirl around and wreak havoc at a recurring time of day:

from after school til after dinner.

Homework questions,

after school snacks,


“please play with me” requests,

dinner menu inquiries,

dinner preparations,

potty training accidents,

diabetic alerts,

and end-of-day exhaustion

that all seem to lead me reaching for a Diet-Dr.-Pepper-pick-me-up!

Although, crazy could run way beyond the daily grind. Maybe your current crazy is

working through the cancer diagnosis of one of your parents

or grieving through the loss of a spouse

or trying to climb out of depression

or fighting hard for your marriage

or dealing with chronic pain.

Your crazy could be deep and painful and gouging.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 says to “Rejoice always.”  And Philippians 4:4,

philippians 4:4, rejoice Whew!  Really. In this crazy?

Yes. Always. In every situation.  Forever. Be filled with JOY.

but how?

Starting Monday (519)  in our 5 ways in 5 days focus, we will answer that very question.  Held within this one command is the secret that can absolutely change how you journey through this life.

Hang on these next 5 days. It could be a life-changing ride for you and for me.

See you on Monday for Day 1!

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