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How to Find JOY in Your Mom-Crazy! (day 2)

family mini van
My mini-van full on Mother’s Day

Getting out of the house with

all the boys,

all the snacks,

all the book bags,

my purse,

and my iPhone

is nothing short of a small miracle.

It’s my  crazy.  No matter how much preparation prior to the exit, it seems as though something unexpected always pops up: a dirty diaper, a fight between brothers, or a spilled drink.

Crazy hits all of us (click for post).  What’s your crazy look like?

This week, we are on a pursuit to find JOY.  God tells us to:

philippians 4:4, rejoice

How do we “rejoice always” when our always seems so crazy?

From yesterday,

1. Re-focus our expectation that:

God's grace and joy

And today,

how to have joy

I have a big blue bucket. I can easily stand 2 feet away and admire it’s size, color, shininess, and all the things it can contain. I can marginally interact with it by kicking it or trying to throw a ball into it.  But I’m not IN it.

Just as easily, I can stand arms length from God, admire Him, marginally interact with Him by doing bible studies and singing worship songs at church, and even praying to Him.

I am only IN the bucket when I step INside it. I am only IN Him when I surround my mind and heart with all of who He is.

IN is positional.

IN is the hidden secret to rejoicing always because…


What are you seeking to find joy IN?

a relationship

new shoes


accomplishments of your children

a successful career

someone else’s validation or praise

losing 10 pounds

decorating your home


long-awaited for pregnancy

when I get what I want

Although these provide a possible emotional lift and feelings of happiness, they do not offer sustaining, always joy. Instead, they lead us to be victims of our circumstances, experiencing emotional highs and lows depending on what is going on around us.  These are shallow and empty spaces.

If we are to sustain an always joy in every circumstance, our position is key.

Let’s do a little experiment today.  Whenever you start to feel the crazy creep up your spine, remember:

JOY depends on what it’s in.

JOY depend on what it’s in.

JOY depends on what it’s in.

Be open to see what you are IN.  It’s the starting place to reposition and find JOY!

Join me tomorrow for Day 3 as we see WHO we are to position ourselves IN!

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