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Day 3: How to Find JOY in Your Crazy!

hulk facesI miss it. I miss the opportunity to rejoice.  I get all wacky and forget where the source of joy is truly found when…

my 2-year-old is defiant,

traffic is slow,

check-out lines are long,

and there is no end to the mountains of laundry.

It’s hard to rejoice always in





and heartbreak.

Rejoice always, seriously?

That’s when I know I’ve missed it.  Somehow, I’ve defined circumstances AS the source of joy.

Our 3rd way to finding joy in the crazy:

how to have joy

God doesn’t tell us to rejoice always IN our circumstances. He tells us HOW to rejoice always while in the MIDST of our circumstances.

philippians 4:4, rejoice

We are to rejoice… IN HIM.

He is the source of all joy and IN HIM there is ALWAYS reason to rejoice.

I don’t rejoice that my son has Type 1 diabetes. I do rejoice IN my Lord who is loving towards all He has made.  – Psalm 145:13

I don’t rejoice in the tantrums of my 2-year-old.  I do rejoice IN my Lord who is gracious and compassionate to me, slow to anger and rich in love. – Psalm 145:8

I don’t rejoice when I stumble and fall. I do rejoice IN my Lord who upholds all who fall down. – Psalm 145:14

I don’t rejoice in feeling lonely and betrayed. I do rejoice IN my Lord who is near to all who call on Him to all who call on Him in truth. – Psalm 145:18

I don’t rejoice in the cavernous longing for a baby. I do rejoice IN my Lord who fulfills the desires of those who fear Him; He hears their cry and saves them.  – Psalm 145:19

I don’t rejoice in the cancer diagnosis. I do rejoice IN my Lord who is good to all and that He has compassion on all He has made. – Psalm 145:9

In those moments TODAY when you feel your crazy crawl all over you, hear the gracious and loving words of your Father,

where to find joy

…and begin praising Him for who He is.  As you do, you may just find yourself standing smack dab in the bucket of pure JOY!

I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 4!

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