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Day 4: How to Find JOY in Your Crazy!

Batman is his happy space!

The space that holds JOY is a happy space. It’s a peaceful place. It’s a bright place. It’s a free.

So, why don’t we chose to stay there rejoicing in the Lord always?

I’m confronting some excuses that reside in my heart. Excuses rooted in selfishness.  Excuses that pop off in my head as the crazy is swirling around me. Excuses that inhibit me from rejoicing always.

“I just don’t want to rejoice.”

“I don’t like what is happening.”

Have you ever felt this way?

In order to find JOY in our crazy, we:

1. Re-focus our expectation.

2. Re-position our “in.”

3. Re-define the source.

And, today:

how to have joy

Excuse #1: “I don’t want to rejoice.”

My feelings get the best of me. Sometimes, I plum just don’t want to rejoice. I don’t feel like it. So, I don’t do it.  I stay in the space of ugly to perhaps justify my own lack of desire!

But in Philippians 4:4,

philippians 4:4, rejoice

God says always. Even – and especially– when we don’t feel like it. When it’s hard, painful, disappointing, difficulty, and even when it’s awesome. Rejoice IN the Lord.

He tells us to because it’s the best place for us to be.

Excuse #2: “I don’t like this.”

My 2-year-old says this all the time. Even last week, he oh-so-cutely <wink-wink> said,

“I don’t Yike to SHARE!”

I find myself saying this as well.  But,  the choice to rejoice isn’t the admission that things are ok.

Instead, rejoicing in the Lord even when we don’t like it elevates our thinking and alleviates the pressure of resistance (more in yesterday’s post).

When we rejoice, we position ourselves within the safe and powerful arms of His grace.

5 square

See you tomorrow (yes, Saturday)  for Day 5!

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