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Devotions in Philippians

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Summer. The lax schedule. The free time.  The sunny days lounging by the pool. The “doing whatever I want.”  Are all memories of…


for a mom.

At home.

With her children.

For 2 1/2 hot and humid months!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids. I enjoy my kids. I love summer.

BUT, it can very stressful as

what I used to know summer to be (frivolous, fun, lackadaisical)

transitions into

what it now means as a mom (full ON WORK)!

So, I am making plans. Plans to handle this summer with grace, strength, and calm.

First, I’m giving myself a 2 week grace period to adjust, realizing that the summer pace and the needs are so different. I may get a bit crazy but it’s only because I’m switching gears not because it’ll always be this way or my kids are awful or I’m a bad mom.

Secondly, I’m thinking through and setting a flexible kid schedule for electronics, reading, chores, and exercise.

Third, I’m planning a PERSONAL TRUTH project.


A study in God’s Word to anchor me in the truth.  I’ve picked a book of the bible to read through, study through, learn through this summer:

Photo Credit: Chris Miles, Photo Design: Amy Ruth

I just love Philippians as it is full of familiar memory verse one liners:

“He who began a good work in you will carry it on…” 1:6

“For me to live in Christ and to die is gain” 1:21

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit…” 2:3

“I press on towards the goal…” 3:14

“Rejoice in the Lord always!” 4:4

“Finally brothers, whatever is right, whatever is pure…” 4:8

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 4:13

“And God will meet all your needs…” 4:19

I can’t wait to learn more of Paul’s letter as we step along and survive this summer.

So, here’s what we can do to SURVIVE our summer:

1.  Schedule a time each day. I am going to get up a bit earlier than the boys, but later that during the school year to dig into Philippians. Yay! You know, once the days starts with the lil ones up, needs and wants are plenty, and my time is not my own.

2. Move at your own pace but begin by answering:

  • Who wrote it?
  • Who did he write it to?
  • Why did he write it?
  • What is the context of where/when he is writing?

Here are a few links to help:

Adventuring through the Bible

Introduction, Background, and Outline to Philippians

Bible Study Tools

3. Grab a notebook or your laptop.  Make bullet points. Write what you learn about God and what you learn about yourself. Process how it applies to you, right where you are! I’ll be writing about what treasures I find throughout the summer here on the blog.

Will you join me?

Since I wrote this study 2 years ago, here is the table of contents:

1. Inspiring Gratefulness in Your Home

2. Welcoming Others into Our Imperfections

3. Building Confidence in a Job Not Done Yet (Phil1:6)

4. What To Do When You Don’t Want To (Phil1:9)

5. I Think I Might Be Addicted to Fun (Phil1:21)

6. SOS Summertime Prayer for Moms (prayer1)

7. The Rubbing-Off Effect (prayer2)

8. For the Onion-Hearted Mom (prayer3)

9. For When the Legos Don’t Click (prayer 4)

10.  For Grumbly Hearts (prayer5)

11. For the Manly Men Who Drive Minivans (prayer6)

12. For Those Holding On (prayer7)

13.  One Simple Question to Quiet the Anxious Heart (prayer8)

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