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Building Confidence In a Job Not Done Yet (Phil1:6)

bath boyConfidence comes in all shapes and sizes. A few weeks ago, I was giving Reed a bath and admiring how down-right darling he is!  I’m sure my looks of love and gooeyness were oozing and eminating from my face.  He examined me for a minute and said,

kid confidence

He was confident that my opinion was the truth! confidence defined Honestly, confidence in myself can easily waver

depending on who I’m around,

the unfamiliarity of the situation,

and how assured I feel in my own abilities in that space.

But, there is One in which our confidence can always be dependable, familiar, and assuring…JESUS! Paul knew that not only can we put our confidence in Jesus, we can also be confident that:

He began a good work in us.

He is working.

He will complete the work that He started.

“being CONFIDENT of this, that He who began a good work in your will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 1:6

Philippians 1:6If I truly believe this verse then…

I can be confident that God is working in my heart… even when I lose my cool or get snarky or lazy or make a wrong parenting call or the day is a memory-making disaster!

I can be confident that God is working in my children… even when they act out or fight with each other or want to do electronics all day long.  Who they are now is not who they will be!

I can be confident that God is working… even when I don’t see His movement or feel His presence or can identify any change.

I can be confident that God is working… because He says He is! God is the MASTER project completer!  What He begins, He completes.

He is

patientmethodical, and totally perfect

in His craft.

Therefore, I can be

patient, trusting, settled, secure, and confident

that He loves me supremely and is working out the best in my life.

I am a job not done yet.

phil 1:6

Summer Survival Project:

– Begin short term projects with your kids: baking cookies, building with LEGOS, creating with play dough. Talk about the process. Teach them that it takes work and patience to get to the end product just as God works on us.

– Begin long term projects with your kids: summer long reading goals, gratitude boards, planting a garden or flowers. Teach the importance that it doesn’t just happened overnight. Through being patient and diligent in the process, the job will eventually be complete.

Memorize Philippians 1:6 personally or with your family. Click this link for a printable PDF card:  Philippians 1.6


We are surviving the summer in the book of Philippians- so far with Gratitude and Openness.