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What To Do When You Don’t Want To (Phil1:9)

philippiansI sure hope you are enjoying and being helped by our “Surviving the Summer Project” through the book of Philippians. So far, we’ve talked about:




As I am slowly stepping through the truths in Philippians, my eyes fell across an underlined paragraph in my Bible:

Philippians 1:9-11 So, I got out my laptop and began clicking away gathering the truths that fell like raindrops on my heart. I need to ASK for help to love my kids (especially when I don’t want to!). Even though I love my kids deeply, I am always in need of more and more and more love. I run out, use it up, hit my expiration. That extra love can’t come from my maternal instincts. The good news is that I can go to the God of all love who is the source of all love to fill me with His love that never ends.

Am I asking?

I don’t need “blind love” but “open-eyed love.” Blind love is all about happy feelings and golden memory making. God’s love (and the love I desperately need during the summer) is a discerning and insightful and strong love.

  • Love that makes the hard call to turn off the TV or video game in the midst of the begging and pleading.
  • Love that allows boredom to settle down on one 9 year olds heart because he needs to learn responsibility for making his own fun.
  • Love that takes away a money or electronic devices as a consequence to snitty and disrespectful behaviour.
  • Love that knows what to do for the best of the child and not out of any internal insecurity.

Am I loving with open eyes?

This love is beyond my reach yet available to me. I can’t muster it up on my own.  It doesn’t simply come through a SOS prayer.  This love grows through time as priority is placed on God and His truth.  It means not sleeping in until you hear the kids peep.  It means getting up a bit earlier, opening up God’s word and basking in the beauty of His love for you before you are assaulted with needs.

Am I reaching beyond myself?

So for this today… “O Lord, I need and long for this delicate balance of love and discernment. I pray and ask You to  fill my heart with love more and more for my kids. May I have wisdom and discernment on the things that matter most for this day. May I be resolved to make the bazillion choices with Your love for me as the foundation, not springing out of some sense of a need for significance. I can only be filled with this kind of love through You. And help me remember, this isn’t about me being a supermom this summer but it’s all to YOUR GLORY and YOUR PRAISE. Amen.”

Summer Survival Projects: – The summer is in full swing now. Are you intentional about spending time in the Bible, reading and talking with God? HE is where you learn how to love.  If not, tomorrow is a new day. Make a decision and a plan to have some time with the Lord tomorrow!

– In those moments when you are about to snap at your kids in verbal explosion, repeat after me:

“Help me, Lord, to love more and more!

Help me, Lord, to love more and more!”

– With your kids, read Ephesians 3:17-19. Ask them to draw a picture of how big they think God’s love is. Share with them how much God loves them and that His love never runs out.  Encourage them to ask Him for more love when love for their sibling runs out! Display the pictures somewhere to remind them of this truth.

– Memorize Philippians 1.9-11. Click for a printable memory verse card.