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The Rubbing-Off Effect (prayer2)

leaf rubbing

I remember this craft in  VBS back in the 80’s.  Do you? It’s a winner. And, I’ve done it with my kids here and there throughout the years.

Leaf Rubbing (the shortened version below)

  1. Take a leaf.
  2. Place a white paper on top of it.
  3. Grab a crayon and rub it over the paper where the leaf is underneath.
  4. The finished product: a leaf rubbing.

leaf rubbing and boy

All of what the leaf is has been rubbed off onto the paper.

Any blemishes, there.

Any interesting lines, there.

Any tears, there too.

One item has been transferred onto another.

It happens with us, too. As we interact with those around us, we have the same effect as the leaf, white paper, and the crayons. We rub off on each other in our families, with our friends, in our neighborhoods, and in our small groups.

Oh my, this can be a scary thought! Right? I long to transfer joy and hope and strength and encouragement onto others. I fear sometimes I come across as insecure, incompetent, weak. How do we rub off on our children as we are all surviving the summer together?

We are praying our way through Philippians. And, Paul mentions this rubbing off in his “thank you” letter to his friends in Philippi. He hopes that by being with them again, their JOY IN Christ will overflow.

And, that’s my heart today… rubbing off joy IN Christ ON my children and everyone else I interface with this day.

Prayer #2: Philippians 1:26

Dear Father,

As I stand on the brink of this day, I set my heart on You.

I accept the depths of Your love for me.

I believe that You love me unconditionally with no strings attached.

I am assured that no matter what may come today, I am held safely and securely in Your arms.

I am confident in Your love.

As I move into my day, may I exude this confidence and joy of being fully, truly, and deeply loved.

May this joy rub off on my kids. May they see my confidence in Your love and take it as their own. May they observe that I encounter the events of this day with JOY and security. May they think of me more with a smile on my face and a gracious tone rather than a squinty-eyed, snarling mom who doesn’t want to be bothered. Because of You in me.

May the You in me rub off on them. May it overflow. I pray JOY will be the environment of our home. Joy. Overflowing joy.

Thank you. I love you, Lord.

**Philippians 1:26

Click here for a printable card for Prayer #2: Philippians 1:26.