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For When The Legos Don’t Click (prayer4)


Having 3 boys, legos are sown into the fabric of our home life, much like “bling-bling” sequins on a sparkly dinner dress.  Legos are everywhere! 

boy with legos

This 3-year-old boy is right in the midst of the brick building. He plays and shoots and builds (kind of) and destroys. But, his big brothers surpass the ability of his little pudgy fingers.  One day as he was attempting to keep up, he threw down the legos, put his face in his hands, and mumbled,

it's so hard!

It’s true. Lego building can be very difficult. And, getting it to work went it’s not clicking is hard. It makes you just want to give up!

As a mom surviving this summer, I too want to just give up sometimes.

But, let’s not let the hard stop us.

Will you say it with me as a proclamation commitment together?

in hard things

My natural tendency when things in my “mom life” get hard is to run the other way, hide in the bathroom, or put my face in my hands and mumble or scream or growl, “it’s soooooooo hard!”


Hard doesn’t mean I’m doing it wrong.

Hard doesn’t mean I’m bad at it.

Hard is just the natural tension in this broken world.

Life is hard. And being a mom, although incredibly rewarding, fulfilling, and lovely, is hard too.

It’s hard to clean up throw-up in the middle of the night.

It’s hard to be the carpool diva shuttling kids here and everywhere, spending more time in your car than your home.

It’s hard to think of and prepare something for dinner every single night.

It’s hard to potty train.

It’s hard to give wise time for my own heart yet balance the needs of the family.

It’s hard to be disciplined in eating and exercise.

It’s hard to be sweet when interrupted in what I’m doing.

But, hard doesn’t mean we don’t do it.

Instead of running from the hard things, let’s embrace them. Let’s see them as ways God uses to peel back the onion layers of selfishness in our hearts.

Instead of getting overwhelmed in the hard things, let’s be clear on what our part of the work is: OBEDIENCE. Saying “yes” to God in the small, daily things, NOT the end product. God does the big, purposeful, finish-line-ish, who-you-were-created-to-be work.

My work — His work.

I need help in the hard things. God’s help is the only way to survive the hard this summer.

Prayer #4:  Philippians 2:12-13

Dear Father,

Parenting is hard work: fixing dinner, disciplining, saying no, loving graciously, the constant need-meeting.

In the hard, I surrender to Your help. I need You. I admit it. I can’t do this on my own.

May I not shy away from the hard things.

May I set my eyes on You and put one step in front of the other.  Just because its hard, doesn’t mean I don’t need to do it.

Help me to see that my daily little points of teaching my children Your truth, Your love, Your grace, Your wisdom will be worked out by YOU for Your purpose for them. Your good purpose for them.

I don’t need to be wrapped up and worried about the end result. You do the work in their hearts. And, I do the work as their parent.

Thank you for the privilege of this work. Thank you for working in me and in them. Help me rest in the work that You are doing. Give me strength to do the work that I am called to do as their mom.

I love you, Lord. Thank you.

Click here for a printable prayer card for Prayer #4: Philippians 2:12-13.

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