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For Grumbly Hearts (prayer5)

family bike ride

As a mom, you do many things you don’t want to do. You make your kids do things they don’t want to do.  For what you believe to be in their best interest.  For what you believe that will enrich their lives.

This played out in our house last week after breakfast about 9:30-ish…

The weather has been unseasonably cool this summer.  So, the boys and I have jumped on our bikes every morning this week and pedaled around our neighborhood.

Breathing in the coolness.

Exercising our bodies.

Getting out of the house.

Seeing what we can see.

But on Monday, the birds weren’t singing cheerfully on our little adventure.  And, the background music (if it could have been heard) wasn’t a Pharrell Williams’ tune!  There was A LOT of complaining and grumbling.

It’s hot.

The bugs are biting me.

I’m itching.

My back hurts!

How much longer?

Complain, complain. Grumble, grumble.

It was as if a green, smoggy fog was oozing from their mouths and polluting our entire experience!

So like most great moms, I marched up on my soap box and let them have it! I wanted them to know the impact that negative and complaining words have on their hearts as well as those around them.  Like a green, smoggy fog. And then, in looking out for their best intereststhey lost some electronic time for the day!

So on Tuesday…they woke up with an attitude change!  Totally. There was excitement in anticipation of the bike ride soon to come.  They totally changed their tune. And, it totally changed the environment of our ride.

It ignited a prayer within my heart…

prayer for the complainer

The effects of complaining are multi-dimensional. Not only do grumbly and negative words color your heart with that green, smoggy fog, but they also effect those around you.

I need help with my own complaining and grumbling heart.  Before I know it, I’m griping about…

doing the laundry,

the shoes on the floor,

the dishes not put up,

my own lack of social initiative,


and wardrobe deficiencies.

Small, tiny, seemingly harmless little cuts, little complaints, little grumbles.

Although they may be true and valid facts, my grumbling unleashes a green, smoggy fog polluting the air and covering up my heart. I need a change of perspective, really. And, I need help with this change.

Prayer #5: Philippians 2:14-16


It is so easy for me to grumble about little things. Without even realizing it. Making statements about this being wrong or that irritation or this trivial task. Before long, I’m in this pit of grippe negativity.  A green and smoggy fog.

Help me, Lord. Help me to not say it. Because when I say it, I see it. Change my perspective and vision. Instead of seeing the negative or lacking, give me eyes to see the beauty, the sweetness, the lovely in each day, in this stage of life, in my family, in myself.

May my words reflect how I shine for You. May I shine like a star in the universe. May I hold out Your Word of life to my kids and friends and strangers. Your Word. The light. My hope.

Help me to model what that looks like to my kids by teaching them to see the beauty in life. Teaching them to see You and live life fully.

Thank you. I love you.

Click here for a printable prayer card of Prayer #5: Philippians 2:14-16.

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