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One Simple Question To Quiet the Anxious Heart (prayer8)

anxious heart

Sometimes help comes in the simplest of ways.

A listening ear.

Around the breakfast table.

In the wee hours of a back-to-school morning.

With the dear man I share life with.

My anxious thoughts, worries, and CRAZY were being spewed and graciously being heard. Words rolled out of my mouth faster than my brain could keep up. It was the start of school. 4th and 7th grade for my boys.

school boys

And, I was anxious. Worst case scenarios and hypothetical dilemmas were flashing across my brain.

Will they have friends?  

Will they do well?  

Will they have a good year?

Will they get hurt?

Will they struggle?

Will they learn what they need to learn?

With a pensive and loving look, my wise husband asked me a simple yet ever-so profound question,

“What is it you are really anxious about?”

Fumbling around, this simple question unmasked my underlying fear:

I don’t want my boys to struggle, to hurt, to feel pain.

I am their mother. I am their protector. I must shield them from all harm.  That’s my job as a mother, after all.  You bet that was easier when they were 6 months old.  But now and forever forth, letting go and trust are key ingredients in this mothering gig that’s unstoppably progressing forward.

My wise “Obi-wan Kenobi-like” husband continued,

“Your job as a mom is not to prevent the struggle.

Our job as parents is to walk with them THROUGH the struggles that will come.”

It was in those loving, truthful words that I found release and rest.

My boys will struggle. So is life. But when they do, it doesn’t mean I’ve failed as their mom. Sigh. It only means I have a grand opportunity right before me to be all the mom I need to be

Are you anxious? Are you all balled up about something in your life?  Ask yourself the simple question:

anxious heart, anxiety, worry

Simple, but quieting. Be willing to go where the internal dialogue takes you.

Prayer 8: Philippians 4:6-8


Oh my. Do I worry, stress, fret!

But, You say to be anxious for NOTHING.  Really NOTHING? I am not given a free pass to worry about cancer or my child’s future or my weight. Nothing? Oh boy.

Give me strength to stop the habit of being anxious.

Make me aware when I’m having a crazy internal dialogue with myself. May I turn my conversation to You.

May I recall and be thankful for those things in my life You have given me.

You say I will have peace guarding my heart when I am thankful and make requests to You. Lord, I need your peace.

Sigh. This moment, I choose to be anxious about NOTHING. Even those things outside of my control.  Thankfully, they are not outside of Your’s.

Thank you. I love you.

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