Day 1: Live Small in 31 Days

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Welcome to 31 Days to live small.

Scroll down to read Day 1. Click to read the other days that I’ll be adding as they go live.

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It’s become quite trendy to live small.

small house

small house from storage container

Some love it. Others claustophobially run.

Although I won’t be moving our family into a snazzy shipping container or a miniature house, I am committed to live small in my heart. Over the last few months, I’ve been struck with the importance of a small life. To minimalize all the extra distractions and overshadowing worries that complicate and purge. Purge the junk to simplify that smallness. Living with and owning a humble heart.

baby hands
Photo Credit: Images by John ‘K’ via Compfight cc

Jesus entered this earth in the smallest of ways: as a baby born to an unknown girl in a crowded barn. Small.  Simple.  Yet, his message was anything but small. His humble approach and powerful message changed the world!

By learning to live small these 31 days, we will embrace the bigness of God and His big purpose for you and me.


2 thoughts on “Day 1: Live Small in 31 Days

  1. Amy!!! Love that you are doing this series! The theme of SIMPLE has been something I think the Lord has been trying to teach me, well, for years, and I have so much to learn! Excited to read what you have to say about smallness. Already so good.

    1. Yay, Hannah! I love connecting with you in the blogoshere! I know. Simple. Smallness. All starts with humility for me. Oh boy. Stepping all over my inflated pride is necessary to end up living small. What a journey!

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