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Day 2: What It Means To Live Small

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These are the little moments during every day that I anticipate and hold dear:

  • the first and last sip of my morning coffee (Keurig rocks!)
  • when every boy is in their school place and the house is quiet (aah, the bliss of it being totally mine!)
  • the initial moment when each boy returns from his day at school (I mentally snapshot their faces as they reappear)
  • sitting down to dinner as a family (a sweet circle of 5)

  • getting all the boys to bed and chilling with my hubby watching our favorite tv shows (and our list is quite lengthy)

I love these moments.  These little moments that make up my every day.  These little moments that are on rewind/play. Little priceless, small moments.

With the topic of live small on my brain, I asked my boys what they thought it meant. Simplistic wisdom often comes from their 12 and 10-year-old brains. They responded with:

not reaching your full potential

not quite making it

limiting yourself

not being all you can be

Great answers but totally missed the mark on my target here this month.  So right off the bat, let’s clarify what it means to live small:

  • To live small is to realize that I’m not the center of everyone’s universe, to understand that biggest is not always best, to refuse the world’s mantra of more, more, more.
  • To live small is to live humbly, to have the attitude of Jesus, to embrace the true order of the universe, to validate God’s compassionate bigness and my undeniable smallness.

The word humility in Greek is


(try saying that one!  click here for the pronunciation whew!). It means:

1. the having a humble opinion of one’s self

2. a deep sense of one’s (moral) littleness

3. modesty, humility, lowliness of mind

Being humble is having a deep sense of my smallness. A true estimation of who I am compared to the bigness of God. Realizing that the world does not revolve around me. Releasing a serve-me mentality for how-can-I-serve-you. Not owning an inflated sense of worth that expects certain treatment but operating out of gratitude for all the God has done.

Humility, living small, may just be the doorway to everything great.

See you tomorrow for day 3!

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7 thoughts on “Day 2: What It Means To Live Small

    1. Well… I’ve learned to listen up when I hear a repeating theme in my life! Humility is coming at me from every turn and the opportunity to practice it seems constant. Love that you are with me in this!

  1. Isn’t it fascinating how your young boys responded? That is male , I think – the sports culture and their youth too. Remember when the booted Jen Hatmaker came to Shandon? Have you read her book 7: THE EXPERIMENTAL MUTINY AGAINST EXCESS? She examined her life in a somewhat similar way and it was interesting to read. The scripture that comes to my mind is Romans 12:3 “Consider yourself with sober judgement and do not think more highly of yourself than you ought.” A biblical reminder that we “avoid that inflated sense of expectation.” Thanks for tackling this topic and sharing with us!

    1. Margie, I love Romans 12:3 and in the next few days will be using that as a platform verse. Goodness, there is much to learn. Glad you are a part of this conversation : )

  2. i really love what you are focusing on – i want to learn how to live small in light of a great God. it reminds me of visiting the redwood forest and feeling amazed and how little i am in comparison – it is a good feeling to be so small.

    1. Charis, I love that imagery! Feeling literally so small in comparison to God’s massively beautiful creation. What a big God we serve!

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