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Day 8: Living Small in Yoga Pants with Ironman

ironman costume

Admiring something and actually putting it on are two different things.

My youngest boy is consumed with superheros.  His favorite fluctuates between Spiderman and Ironman. For Halloween this year, he has settled on being the ever-strong and always-powerful… Ironman.

On a venture to Target, I found the perfect muscle-y costume in size 4T. It was awaiting him when he returned from a fun day of preschool. His explosive excitement was something to behold. After a few moments (no, seconds) of admiration, he yanked it off the hanger and wanted to put it on. And, oh my, did he look cute and powerful!

iron man

What’s the difference between admiring something at arms length and actually wearing it?  All us shoppers know.




and commitment

are needed in extra measure to get inside of something.

The Bible tells us,

All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another…1 Peter 5:5

We are to put on HUMILITY like our favorite pair of…and you fill in the blank.

I love my yoga pants.  Actually, I wore my yoga pants so frequently last winter that my normal clothes didn’t fit come spring! I love them so.

I envision stepping into humility like my yoga pants. Making the effort to lift each foot decisively into the leg hole and pull them up.  Feeling them fit firmly, yet comfortably- love me my yoga pants– around my waist.

Humility, walking where I walk. Humility, stepping wherever I go. Humility, being there with whomever I interface: my husband, my kids, teachers, drivers on the road, employes at Target…Goodness. Humility, like my favorite pair of yoga pants.

Putting humility on takes intentionality.  Putting humility on takes effort. Putting humility on takes desire. Putting humility on is living small. And, living small opens the door to big blessings and expansive hope. Grab your favorite pair and step in!

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  1. i started following this series a little late, but I love reading it each morning!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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