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Day 10: A Great Conversationalist Lives Small, part 2

live small

It happened again today. I jumped in and talked over my friend on the phone. I interrupted her while she was talking! Ugh. I was excited, impatient, wanted to agree, encourage, and interject.

I heard myself.  I heard the jabber of it. I heard the lack of smallness. I heard the noise.

A great conversationalist not only listens and responds in love, but she lives in the still, small pauses that rest in the understood syncopation of the back and forth.

I desire to live small in my conversations, not only in what I say but when I don’t need to say anything at all. When I need to stop. And, breathe.  When I need to pause, think, ponder, and pray. Before. I utter. Another. Word.

To sum up, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit. 1 Peter 3:8

I want to live this verse out in my conversations, PAUSING enough to utter these simple prayers:
: forming a pleasant or consistent whole, melodious, tuneful, not discordant, sweet-sounding.
May my conversations dance to a lovely tune in rhythmic timing and beat.
 <inhale> :: <exhale>
: feeling sympathetic, compassion.
May my tenor or tone reflect real compassion for who the other person is and what they are sharing.
 <inhale> :: <exhale>
: affectionate, loyal, showing concern.
May I show concern and family-like affection with sincere eye contact that doesn’t get distracted.
 <inhale> :: <exhale>
: showing sympathy or kindness.
Even when they can’t offer me anything, even when they return no interest in me, may I deliver kindness right to their heart’s door.
<inhale> :: <exhale>
What impressive colors of breathability to live small as we PAUSE to PRAY in our conversations!
pause to pray
Challenge: During a conversation today, pause and count to 5 before answering. During that time if they look at you weird just smile and utter one of these above mini prayers. See what will roll off  your tongue next! Let me know what happens as you live small in your conversations!
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