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Day 15: Live Small in Your Home with One Simple Word

pumpkin arrangementI love my home. It’s my nest. The place where my people hang. Where we all let loose and just be. I love all that it holds.

Within this brick and mortar, I can get a bit freaky, crazy, all twisted up. I can either…

Live under the weight of never measuring up, never getting all the laundry done, never quite having everything just right, never being satisfied with what I have, and always wanting more.  Or…

Over-inflate and strut around like a peacock, so very proud of all my things, of where they are strategically and brilliantly placed, of all my DIY-completed projects with contented feelings of “I did that.”

So, living humbly, living small here, in a space where I battle both feelings of inadequacy AND ego can be a bit tricky. But, I’m discovering that one attitude addresses both sides of this coin:


Thank you, Lord for this home.

Thank you, Lord for these people who make it dirty and leave shoes and cups and make mounds of dirty clothes. Some day the house will be way too quiet and way too clean.

Thank you, Lord for dirty toilets to clean. I am so grateful for indoor plumbing.

Thank you, Lord for unfinished projects because patience is needed as we step along as our budget wisely allows.

Thank you, Lord for the furniture we’ve been able to purchase this year.

Thank you, Lord for the ability to create and paint and repurpose.

Thank you, Lord for photography and beautiful art.

Humility grows gratitude
Photo Credits:Photo Credit: isayx3 via Compfight cc, Design: Amy Ruth

At the very essence of gratitude is a humble heart. Gratefulness acknowledges that there is something I don’t have or can’t get on my own to begin with. Whatever I have is a gift, and I am thankful.

I’m going to live small in my home today. I will see all that there is and all that there is not through the eyes of gratefulness. Will you join me?

live small at home

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