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What It Looks Like to Live Small (or UNsmall)

my storyTeach me a concept and it might stick. Or… it might not. But, share a story with me pertaining to that concept, and the odds of me remembering that just skyrocketed.  I just might learn something.

Stories build meaning and layer application. I love how the Bible is full of real-life stories of real-life people who experienced the real living God. We can learn much from their stories.

This week, we will peer into the pages of Scripture and hear the stories of many who lived small OR UNsmall and where it led them.  Woven through their stories, we see threads of truth-filled concepts that will help navigate us away from damaging consequences of where unsmall living leads.

Living Small can be defined as: having a correct estimation of oneself, knowing who I am in direct correlation of knowing who God is.

bigness of God

THIS WEEK, we will hear from the stories of these five people and what it means to live small in the bigness of God:





John the Baptist

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